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ATH-W3000ANV Review

A Review On: Audio Technica ATH-W3000ANV

Audio Technica ATH-W3000ANV

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Audio Quality
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Pros: Amazing frequency response, clarity, best for acoustics, classic design

Cons: This will really hurt your wallet

There are only 2000 pieces of this anniversary version, unfortunately, people doesn't know how to read Japanese which makes it harder to order from a Japanese web site. Advantage LOL


Value: You have elegance, exclusivity, classiness, pristine musical reproduction with a hefty price of course. Technically, this headphone is not for everybody. Consumers might want to pass on this one.



Audio Quality: The initial word that comes to mind when listening to this headphone is clarity. Audio Technica has long been known for that warm sound. This offer impeccable detail and precision. The advertised frequency response is rated at 5-42,000Hz. I would need my dog's advice for the 23,000 to 42,000 sound range, that's a big laugh. Okay, seriously, they are a little forward in the mids, and this could be a dream for vocal and acoustic fans. The mids are incredibly butterly-smooth. The highs have so much detail that it maybe too harsh for general consumers. The lows are very detailed and well-balanced; however, the bass extension is a little lacking. The low-end of the bass at 20Hz is a little subdued in comparison to the rest of the tonal range.


I have yet to really burn this, when I reach the 200 hours mark, I will then make a proper review with the sound quality.


Design: "Japan" insignia, the spiritual birthplace of the Audio-Technica line. The lacquer-finish from a Hokkaido Asada cherry heartwood tree. The carefully crafted audio jack. These headphones spell class at its finest. Would I stress test this? No way. I will be so delicate with these babies.



Comfort: The stock-pads on these cans are said to be made of "lambskin", they feel so good definitely better than cow's hide leather. They also have a 3D wing support for a great fit and long-wearing comfort. These babies are up there.


These headphones will definitely give you a piece of that "heavenly sound". Build by audiophiles for audiophiles. For the hefty price, these aren't for the general consumers. You'll have to be a full-fledged audiophile for this one.


If anything, the Audio Technica's house sound is far from warm. Closest is they are normally silky smooth with a gorgeous mid-range especially for female vocal.

Their woody line also differs quite a lot on it's own, not to mention AD and A line sounds different again but still generally retain the mids to die for.

Thanks for the review, the W3000ANV does sound interesting. Shame that there is no comparison against other AT as the top of the lines ATs all have deadly the mids and highs.
How do these phones compare tho say a LCD-2 and HD-800?
The LCD-3s and Hd-800 are significantly better in terms of absolute detail retrieval and technicalities such as transient response, linear frequency extension, etc. However, the W3000ANV is an absolutely beautiful sounding phone and I would say among the three, I would rank LCD3>W3000>HD800 in terms of pure enjoyment of music imo.
I agree with dyl1dyl the HD800 are significantly better in terms of detail. But, if you have tried the HD700 I would have preferred them over the HD800. What's missing with the HD800 is the musicality and the HD700 has that. The HD700 is hard to describe it is not as accurate but it has soul. I will make a proper review with them after 200 hours. The W3000ANV has this good blend. I couldn't compare them to the LCD3 as I haven't auditioned one before, but for the HD800 they are definitely more easier to listen to. I find the HD800 really harsh sounding
Nice review. Is the HD700 as extended in the lower end as the W3000? Contemplating between these 2. Did NOT like the HD800 sound at all so (I like my cans with some "color" to its sound).
How much did you buy?
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