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Pros: Powerful Bass, Form Factor

Cons: Comfort


Hi all, this is my first review on Head-Fi.  I would be talking more on the physical properties of the headphone than the sonic quality.


I have been looking for a portable circumaural headphone to replace my AKG Q460.  I found the AKG Q460 lacking in isolation, and for it to sound OK to my ears I need to use my iPhone's Bass Reduction.  On the go, I drive my headphone solely using my iPhone.


After a long search, I finally decided on this pair.


What I Like:

  1. It is compact and doesn't look too bulky on the head
  2. It folds, and I can keep it in my messenger bag
  3. It lays flat so you can wear it around your neck and it won't bump your chin
  4. Earcups rotate in many different ways
  5. It comes with 2 detachable cable: coiled (1.2m extendable up to 3m) and straight (1.2m). The headphone side of the cable is 3.5mm and screws-in securely to the earcup.
  6. Possibility of making the headphone iPhone compatible!
    I figure I can use a V-MODA cable with iPhone 3-button remote and mic either by plugging it straight or getting a 3.5mm-threaded-male to 3.5mm-female connector.
  7. Sensitive enough to be driven direct from iPhone
    When demoing HD25-1 II, I had to turn up the volume to max, but with this headphone, 50% volume is good enough.



What I Don't Really Like:

  1. Earpads are a bit on the thin side and could be larger, more to M50 size
  2. Headband hurts the crown of my head (but could be due to my SRH440 which is infamous for the pain inducing headband)
  3. Headband adjustment is made of plastic where on M50 it's made of metal


Sound Quality

This headphone never made my shortlist before as it's been called by many a bass-head phone and my experiences with bass-head phone had been pretty bad. Out of curiousity and desperation I decided to give it a try and was I surprised.


The bass is the most powerful among other cans I tried, and it's tight. Comparing it to XB700, the XB700 sounded very loose.  Some people said this has earth-shattering bass, but I don't find it to be the case.


The mids and highs are a bit recessed, but I can still get enough detail.  I found other bass-heavy phones to be muffled, but not the case with the Pro700 Mk2.



I've been looking to use my own male to male 3.5mm audio cables but haven't had much luck with the fitting. Would love to find a "3.5mm-threaded-male to 3.5mm-female connector", or anything else that works, soon I'll be pulling out the dremel tool and doing a full mod if I am left with no other options (like a DIY plug that fits that threading?!) Neutrik plugs definetely don't fit.
Hi coltello, the V-MODA iPhone cable works nicely with the ATH-Pro700 Mk2. Here's the link where you can get one http://v-moda.com/3-button-speakeasy-cable-replacement/
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