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Pros: Great bass, build quality, decent highs and fairly decent mids

Cons: Newer model 68ohm (needs a bit more power), short cable, uncomfortable after a while, very uncomfortable pads..

I have had these now for a few months. I heard they had a very bass orientated sound but not so much that it ruins everything else. When i first purchased these i was a bit confused as to why they were 68ohm instead of the original 38ohm, but after exchanging emails with Audio Technica UK i found that the newer models of this particular headphone were now 68ohm. I was a bit disappointed at first as i was hoping to use these with my Samsung Galaxy S4 for casual listening when i wasn't using them for some mixing. I then went out and made a purchase on the Fiio E18 amp and the difference was quite noticeable. The bass was there but it wasn't overpowering everything else, the mids and the highs both sounded great and i was happy with the outcome. Previously, i had plugged these in to the powerful sound card that is the Asus Xonar Essence STX and was blown away by how good these actually were. They are extremely powerful and can handle whatever you throw at them. If you're a basshead who craves some bass these might be for you. But then again, i think the 38ohm version were slightly more bassy because these aren't bass powerful without some EQ. That didn't bother me though, the sound all in all is great and that low end packs a punch without messing with anything else. The build quality on these seems strong, loads better than my Sony MDR-V700 which snapped at the hinges (common problem with them)


The comfort, this is where these headphones fail, and fail miserably. I have noticed after a while they hurt the top of your head and you have to take them off for a few minutes. I have also noticed the ear pads are shallow and this can be annoying and uncomfortable. The cable is short and can be annoying if like me you listen to music from your computer. You can't really move anywhere else with these.


Just remember that some websites haven't updated the specifications on these headphones and when they state they're 38ohm they're probably actually 68ohm.


If you're looking for a powerful headphone that shines a bit better with an amp then get these, the bass is great but is well controlled.


Thanks for reading.


you should take a shot at stuffing a few cotton balls under the lip. works pretty good at giving you a little more space as well as improving thump.
Hi. do you have any pictures of this? I have heard of people doing this but i will try it out and give it a go.
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