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Positive Reviews


Another for the Basshead Set


Pros: Solidly Built, Removable Cables, Massive but Controlled Bass

Cons: Very Uncomfortable With Stock Pads, Might be Too Bassy for Some,

Introduction I’m a basshead. I say that loudly and proudly, even though some folks believe basshead and audiophile are mutually exclusive. Obviously, I’m not in that camp. But sometimes, I break away from audiophile listening and just want to crank up the bass and listen to some phat beats (don’t worry, I felt just as bad typing that as you did reading it). So recently, when I was in search of the biggest, most powerful bass I could get for the buck, I ended up getting the Audio-Technica Pro700MK2 after reading several impressions that mentioned “seismic” bass quantity with quality to match.   So, does the Audio-Technica Pro700MK2 live up to the hype? Read on to find out. ...
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Negative Reviews


Its amazing... that Product Manager did not try to use it before releasing it to the market....


Pros: Excellent sound quality, excellent isolation

Cons: Head-crusher/squeezer (comfort)

I was looking for loud, very good isolating headphones having wide frequences response to use at my work. I currently use DT770/80 + Matrix M-Stage + replaced OPAMs. It gives me a very good quality, but isolation and loudness is not as I expected. At home I have Sens HD380 + Recon 3d for gaming. For music I use Fiioe17 + AKG550.    So I decided to buy ATH-PRO700MK2 to check out if I can use it with Matrix at work. You know.... loud metal music with no complains from my fellows at work... My 1st impresssion was: is it broken ? After using of HD380s, I though these cans can simply squeeze my head. But with ath-700mk2's... boy, I was able to listen no more then 25...
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More Reviews


Specialized basshead can


Pros: Deep, impactful bass

Cons: Comfort, high end extension out of the box

I have been reading about the ATH-PRO700MK2 for awhile and have been curious to try them.  When I found one refurbished for $104, I decided to go for it.  I have been looking for a headphone with spectacular bass that will also serve as a great all-arounder.  While the PRO700MK2 isn't the all-arounder I hoped for, it is great at what it does which is produce powerful, deep, tight and punchy bass without bleeding into the mids.  It is a keeper that I will use with selective genres.   Comfort   Most of the shortcomings you have read about these is true, but to me, not as bad as described.  The pads are thin, but adequate.  The cups are too...
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Pro700MK2 DJ use only


Pros: Very good isolation, clear mids and highs, powerful punchy bass

Cons: Driver shell is awkwardly placed hitting your ears (you may want to tuck some extra padding)

I've seen alot of PRO700MK2 reviews labelling them as "Bassy" headphones and "uncomfortable", please stop. These aren't meant to be for your "casual" listening, Audio-Technica designed these headphones with "utility" in mind. A exclusively for DJs and I will elaborate why.   Unboxing   I have heard complaints about the Pro700Mk2s' clamping issues. Audio-Technica has advertised these headphones as DJ "Monitor" headphones they are supposed to be worn with one ear. If you need a comfy headphone for your two ears, you should look into AT's "Earsuit" series or the WS55/WS70s.   Value: For a DJ headphone retailing at $159-$209 with a build quality of a...
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Very good headphones


Pros: Great bass, build quality, decent highs and fairly decent mids

Cons: Newer model 68ohm (needs a bit more power), short cable, uncomfortable after a while, very uncomfortable pads..

I have had these now for a few months. I heard they had a very bass orientated sound but not so much that it ruins everything else. When i first purchased these i was a bit confused as to why they were 68ohm instead of the original 38ohm, but after exchanging emails with Audio Technica UK i found that the newer models of this particular headphone were now 68ohm. I was a bit disappointed at first as i was hoping to use these with my Samsung Galaxy S4 for casual listening when i wasn't using them for some mixing. I then went out and made a purchase on the Fiio E18 amp and the difference was quite noticeable. The bass was there but it wasn't overpowering everything else, the mids and the...
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Helps my bass needs


Pros: Bass, build quality, cables, looks

Cons: Comfort, mids, highs, short straight cable

Sometimes I just need that bass, it's like an addiction but only comes every now and then. I brought these just for when I really need that bass but can't be annoying the living hell out of my neighbors with my speakers.    I brought these headphones with the impression of amazing, overpowering bass and well I was quite disappointed. The bass extends really deep and well with no distortion, somewhat boomy but not enough impact. I was expecting the type of bass I get from my speakers which is controlled and very powerful and vibrates up my legs, while I certainly don't want my headphones rumbling on my head, there just is not enough power behind the bass. As far as headphones...
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These pair of phones are for serious players.


Pros: Highs and Lows are crisp, Deep bass, true sound, clarity

Cons: ear cups

These pair of headphones are for serious use. As the name says- these actually are for professional purpose. These are way above the basic or even medium music phones. Sound quality is just awesome. Just that if you could buy some nice pair of ear cups, you are good to go. !!

bad ***** bass


Pros: sound quality like never before :)

Cons: uncomfortable at first have to do some mods and and adjust pads

So i bought the ath pro 700 mk2 only because my friend had a set and i tried them, they are my first really good quality headphones i have ever owned, and so far loving them :). The headphones have very good bass but need to be amp to get the full experience a good amp will run for about ninety nine dollars us currency, i will soon be buying a class a b i believe for that price and will use them on my pros. As far as comfort goes i did have to adjust the headphones allot the first two weeks to get them just right for my head and comfort i desired. The headphones them self are very sturdy and need extra padding for the ears so i cut out a old torn up mic cover out of memory foam like...
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Short Review on ATH-Pro700 Mk2


Pros: Powerful Bass, Form Factor

Cons: Comfort

  Hi all, this is my first review on Head-Fi.  I would be talking more on the physical properties of the headphone than the sonic quality.   I have been looking for a portable circumaural headphone to replace my AKG Q460.  I found the AKG Q460 lacking in isolation, and for it to sound OK to my ears I need to use my iPhone's Bass Reduction.  On the go, I drive my headphone solely using my iPhone.   After a long search, I finally decided on this pair.   What I Like: It is compact and doesn't look too bulky on the head It folds, and I can keep it in my messenger bag It lays flat so you can wear it around your neck and it won't...
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Pros: Great sound, amazing bass, good detail

Cons: kind of tight at first

I recently got these headphones from buy.com for $170 after deciding the m30's werent enough. i decided to go with the Pro700mk2's instead of the m50's because i knew i'd always wonder what the bass felt like on the pros.... and these headphones are amazing! i listen to a variety of music, but most of the time i listen to death metal and underground hip hop, and these headphones are great for both! for death metal, these headphones really highlight the drums, and the blast beats/ double bass sound great! especially for technical bands. the guitars sound amazing and arent recessed like some other headphones. For rap, the bass is awesome, everything sounds awesome for rap.. unless you...
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Pros: Good mids and highs, decent cords

Cons: Too much bass, too tight, bad construction

The Audio Technica ATH-PRO700MK2 are like the winey, annoying little brother of the ATH-M50s.  The sound is tremendously bass heavy, and its only real highlight is good panning and mids and highs that are decent, if overwhelmed by the bass.  The headphones are far too tight.  Audio Technica claims this is for passive noise isolation, but I have tried plenty of passive noise-isolating headphones that do not give you a searing headache after an hour of use.  The hinges are not particularly sturdy, and do not swivel to the side of the head.  Honestly, besides the massive bass and noise isolation, it is difficult to see why exactly these are classified as "DJ...
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