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Great headphones, slightly improved sound quality when compared to M50/M50s

A Review On: Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

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Pros: Comfortable, detachable cable, slightly improved soundstage, tighter bass

Cons: Only cables from Audio-Technica fit, Ears can get a little warm

I was looking for closed headphones with a pricetag up to €200 that could be used without an amp. After some research and listening sessions I bought the M50x. There's really not a lot to say about these headphones. They are the new version of the well known M50/M50s with a few improvements. Such as a detachable cable and I also noticed a slightly improved soundstage and tighter bass. On top of that I found there was a little less sibilance than I experieced with the M50. The improvements in sound may be marginal, but they exist nonetheless.

The M50/M50s were great and now the M50x is just a little bit better. I wouldn't upgrade if I already owned the M50/M50s, but if you don't I think the M50x are the best closed headphones you can buy for up to €200 at the moment.


I never owned the original M50's but I got the X today and think that the stage sounds nicely differentiated, perhaps not wide, but 3D enveloping around you. Maybe the slightly floaty bass helps that. The bass is not as tight something like I had before (Senns Amperior) but the stage at least compared to that headphone is substantially better.
I don't find them strident or sibilant at all. (the amperior however is sometimes on some vocals).
If anything there is a hint of nasal-ness sometimes, a bit metallic sounding. But nowhere near some cheapo headphones that are disastrous in this area like Sony V55 DJ.
The treble is not crude but somewhat less refined that some super high end phones, but for the price it's great. I guess they need this kind of treble to be labeled Pro/Monitor/Studio. AT seems to have rise to peak treble, Shure seems to prefer one that drops down, sound more layered perhaps.
How comfortable are these headphones? I want headphones that can used at home and when traveling, and the headphones should be comfortable for a long duration. 
Good to hear soundstage was improved. That was one of the worst aspects of the M50
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