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Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Reviews

Positive Reviews


Takes M50 to the next level, and I like it!!!


Pros: Removable cable (of course!!!), updated more comfortable earpads, more detailed sound

Cons: proprietary connector, wish there would be a cable with in-line mic/remote for smartphones

Before receiving M50x, I thought my review of this new updated version of a legendary M50 model going to be just a basic short comparison since the main advertised change was a removable cable with everything else remaining the same. Once I received it and had a chance to spend some time with it, I feel this pair of headphones deserves a full review - all over again! I really do feel Audio-Technica guys were a bit too modest downplaying the changes since beside the cable I can also hear sound improvement. Let's take a closer look at what I found. I always start with a packaging because I find presentation of the product very important and always imagine if it would capture my attention...
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Negative Reviews


So much treble


Pros: Comfortable

Cons: Treble, taken my ears, taken my thoughts, absolute horror!

Motivation for purchase At work I'm moving from my own office to a space I share with colleagues. I love my Grado SR60e's but they are very leaky so I was looking for a closed pair of cans. I was undecided between the Audio Technica M50x and the AKG K181 DJ UE. The AT got better reviews but was also €50,- more expensive. So, I ordered them both to compare.   Gear I'm using them in combination with an Audioquest Dragonfly Black 1.5, Audioengine N22 desktop amp and I'm playing MP3s and FLACs through Foobar.   Build and comfort They seem solidly built and fit very comfortably over my ears. I have a fairly large head (not huge) and fairly small ears.   Sound What...
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More Reviews


Too fun for precise studio work, but perfect for enjoying music


Pros: Great midrange linearity, very good THD performance across the board, calibrates well

Cons: U shaped voicing, channel imbalance at low mids

Intro This review will mostly focus on M50x’s  qualities from a studio professional point of view – what to expect when using these headphones as a monitoring device for mixing and do they really cut it for mastering work. After all, you should make your decisions based on what’s in the material, otherwise you might end up with mixes that translate well on your gear and not much else. Know the limitations of your equipment and you will be able to work around them. This text will attempt to illuminate, what to keep in mind when using the M50x for critical studio work. The original ATH M50 has been one of the most recommended closed headphones at the $150 price point....
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Overall Good Headphone for Starters


Pros: Portability, price (on sale), consumer-friendly sound signature, low end, portability

Cons: Mids (for some), tinny treble, comfort, earpads may be too small for larger ears, a little lacking in clarity

This is my first review, so please bear with me, as well as the tremendous amount of errors that I'll make without revising this.   Used with Schiit Modi 2 and Magni 2 and LG G2   The M50x is a solid headphone for getting introduced into better quality audio. This is the first headphone that got me into Head-fi. I chose this over the M50s version because of the detachable cable option, and I am glad that I did. When I had bought these headphones, I was in middle school and gaming for many hours per day. I genuinely believed that these were reference headphones with a neutral signature, which I disagree at this point after having experience with other headphones and IEMs....
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flat bob

Best $200 I've ever spent


Pros: Great SQ, comfort, cable selection, lovely bass, decent soundstage, isolation, better than average portability

Cons: Bass can get a tad boomy on excessively bassy tracks

Just as a note I bought my pair in the dark green scheme, because the standard black pair I thought i wanted had run out of stock at the store. In hindsight now I think it looks ace compared to the black ones, which some have complained of looking a bit underwhelming against the more fashion-oriented pairs (Senn Momentum, V-modas, etc. etc.) on the market today.   The ATH-M50x (and the ATH-M50 before it) has always been the go-to recommendation in the under $200 circuit for quite a while now. And its hasn't taken me long after getting them to see why. The bass on these cans are fantastic. They strike the middle ground for me between my two previous pairs - the Sennheiser Momentum...
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Good, but does not live up to the hype


Pros: Build, Portability, Cables, Punchy Bass

Cons: Way too hyped, Bass overpowering, muddy, slow, congested

Before I get flamed by all the M50/M50x lovers out there who praise nothing but the M50s, I would just like to point out that this is my personal opinion. Although this is my personal opinion, I am sure that many people would agree with me that a couple years back, these were quite a good value for what they cost. However, with many other competitors coming out with headphones that sound better around the same price or even cheaper makes you wonder why the hype around the M50x's are still here. Maybe it's because a YouTuber with 3 Million subscribers "claimed" that these were the best. Maybe the best that he's heard, but far from the best when you take into account the competition. So...
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Not worth upgrading but amazing first headphones


Pros: Detachable cable, same amazing build quality and sound signature of the original M50 as well as hinges. Fairly cheap

Cons: Design

Basically an ATH M50 with the long awaited detachable cable. It ships with 3 different cables: 4 foot straight, 4 foot coiled and a 9 foot straight. However, you have to use Audio Technica cables since it has a twist lock mechanism. If you are looking for good quality audiophile/studio headphones, these are great. They are slightly more expensive than the original M50s but definitely worth it. On the other hand, if you already own the M50s, it is not worth upgrading to the M50X.

Very comfortable with thoughtful design


Pros: Comfortable, detachable cable, short cable will fit most phones with cases, good lows and crisp mids

Cons: Tinny, no premium feel

I bought these to replace my Sennheiser HD25-I as they were quite uncomfortable to use for extended periods of time.   Whilst these are incredibly comfortable, the sound isn't something I'm used to. The highs are quite tinny no matter the genre. They need some wearing in, I suppose, but for $169, they're a great headphone.   The main reason I love them is because of their cables. They're thoughtfully designed and allows me to use it on my phone without having to remove the case. 

Great headphones, slightly improved sound quality when compared to M50/M50s


Pros: Comfortable, detachable cable, slightly improved soundstage, tighter bass

Cons: Only cables from Audio-Technica fit, Ears can get a little warm

I was looking for closed headphones with a pricetag up to €200 that could be used without an amp. After some research and listening sessions I bought the M50x. There's really not a lot to say about these headphones. They are the new version of the well known M50/M50s with a few improvements. Such as a detachable cable and I also noticed a slightly improved soundstage and tighter bass. On top of that I found there was a little less sibilance than I experieced with the M50. The improvements in sound may be marginal, but they exist nonetheless. The M50/M50s were great and now the M50x is just a little bit better. I wouldn't upgrade if I already owned the M50/M50s, but if you don't I think...
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Fantastic entry level headphones!


Pros: Extreme clarity for both his and lows, good ear coverage, can handle a decent amount of power, mobile.

Cons: Not the comfiest on the top of my head. (Might be my headhsape.)

I purchased these headphones based on reviews, specifications, and looks and I am not disappointed in the least. The initial comfort for the headphones was good, but it took some adjusting to stop the headband from applying too much pressure on the top of my head (might be my head alone that has this problem). Listening to Santana Abraxus DSD 2.8MHz on my Fiio X3 II, My first impression of sound was the amazing clarity and definition on high notes. Crisp and clear without sounding too high. I would like to know if those complaining about emphasized highs are using equalizers as I tend not too. The lows are extremely well handled as well without overpowering the track. I enjoy...
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A durable introduction to the world of high fidelity


Pros: Comfortable, durable, sensitive, "musical", overall neutral tonality, good resolution, Not Pricey, stylish...

Cons: Narrow soundstage, slightly metallic treble,

These headphones are much recommended online as a relatively cheap introduction into the world of high fidelity. They are functional and do not excessively grab attention visually. They are extremely comfortable and adjustable for all head sizes and shapes, the build quality is top notch and they are hard wearing. They come with a range of cables which is useful for home and portable listening, though none have a mic or handsfree buttons. These can be driven to enjoyable volumes even with a weak input source. The sound quality is very good. They are overall tonally balanced as both bass and treble are slightly emphasized over middle frequencies giving a "lush" or "vibrant" sound to the...
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Really nice headphones


Pros: versatile, easy to drive, comfortable

Cons: too much bass

Why I like these is because they are really versatile; with many headphones in this price range, you'll need an amplifier to get them to sound really good, but M50x don't need an amp and still sound good. They also look nice, are nicely foldable and are quite comfortable. They are well built and look pretty sturdy, so they don't seem to fall apart any time soon. Soundwise, pretty good even with my iPhone, it's just that they are not flat enough for mixing IMO (too much bass).If you are looking for a nice set of headphones for general music listening and you don't want to carry an amp with you, there's good chance you are gonna get these especially, if you want closed-back headphones.
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