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Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Reviews


Takes M50 to the next level, and I like it!!!


Pros: Removable cable (of course!!!), updated more comfortable earpads, more detailed sound

Cons: proprietary connector, wish there would be a cable with in-line mic/remote for smartphones

Before receiving M50x, I thought my review of this new updated version of a legendary M50 model going to be just a basic short comparison since the main advertised change was a removable cable with everything else remaining the same. Once I received it and had a chance to spend some time with it, I feel this pair of headphones deserves a full review - all over again! I really do feel Audio-Technica guys were a bit too modest downplaying the changes since beside the cable I can also hear sound improvement. Let's take a closer look at what I found. I always start with a packaging because I find presentation of the product very important and always imagine if it would capture my attention...
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Not worth upgrading but amazing first headphones


Pros: Detachable cable, same amazing build quality and sound signature of the original M50 as well as hinges. Fairly cheap

Cons: Design

Basically an ATH M50 with the long awaited detachable cable. It ships with 3 different cables: 4 foot straight, 4 foot coiled and a 9 foot straight. However, you have to use Audio Technica cables since it has a twist lock mechanism. If you are looking for good quality audiophile/studio headphones, these are great. They are slightly more expensive than the original M50s but definitely worth it. On the other hand, if you already own the M50s, it is not worth upgrading to the M50X.

Very comfortable with thoughtful design


Pros: Comfortable, detachable cable, short cable will fit most phones with cases, good lows and crisp mids

Cons: Tinny, no premium feel

I bought these to replace my Sennheiser HD25-I as they were quite uncomfortable to use for extended periods of time.   Whilst these are incredibly comfortable, the sound isn't something I'm used to. The highs are quite tinny no matter the genre. They need some wearing in, I suppose, but for $169, they're a great headphone.   The main reason I love them is because of their cables. They're thoughtfully designed and allows me to use it on my phone without having to remove the case. 

Great headphones, slightly improved sound quality when compared to M50/M50s


Pros: Comfortable, detachable cable, slightly improved soundstage, tighter bass

Cons: Only cables from Audio-Technica fit, Ears can get a little warm

I was looking for closed headphones with a pricetag up to €200 that could be used without an amp. After some research and listening sessions I bought the M50x. There's really not a lot to say about these headphones. They are the new version of the well known M50/M50s with a few improvements. Such as a detachable cable and I also noticed a slightly improved soundstage and tighter bass. On top of that I found there was a little less sibilance than I experieced with the M50. The improvements in sound may be marginal, but they exist nonetheless. The M50/M50s were great and now the M50x is just a little bit better. I wouldn't upgrade if I already owned the M50/M50s, but if you don't I think...
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Huge bang for the buck


Pros: Great sound isolation

Cons: Strong clamping, sweaty in the summer

For the money these headphones feel, and are, very special. From the experience of opening them, to laying out your accessories, it becomes immediately clear that Audio Technica wants you to feel special with the M50x's. The headphones feel very robust and premium. The hinges still feel strong after almost a year of hard use. The vinyl ear cups are still in great nick, even tho I've experimented swapping them out with Shure 1540 cups for improved comfort(you lose out on the lows if you do). They come with 3 cables that can be replaced, but they're very well made, Build quality is top notch here is what I'm saying. The cables can also be used on Senheisser 598's, and I dare say, are an...
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The Myth becomes a Legend


Pros: Still awesome Bass, Still solid Highs, Comfortable

Cons: Slightly Too V-shaped/Mids still turned down

These are solid headphones. A modern day boombox. Insignia reminiscent of the Illuminati. Too cool to explain the meaning to the uninspired.This is the future, or is it the present...or past. I don't know. Trapped in a desolate world like a black box that stretches to infinity in all directions. Plugged into the multiverse of beat. Torn between Zen and Chaos she is versatile. A shark that cannot stop moving.    It's hard to compare from memory because memory lies but the highs have been tamed slightly compared to the old M50's. They are still very clear, if not more robust. It's a little picky about sound quality. It will let you know when you have a bad recording. I laughed...
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Overrated? I think not.


Pros: Comfort, cable, design, sound

Cons: Plastic

*Not an audio professional review, only my user opinion*   After listening to lots of headphones inside this price ranger I decided on these. I was first worried cause lately I was reading lots of people say they're not actually that good but my fellow friend convinced me that I won't be dissapointed if I go check them out. And he was right. I'm a huge fan of Audio-Technicas design but normally they don't sell ATH's here so when I had the chance to listen to these and maybe even buy, I asked my wallet and he was okay with it. Compared them with Sennheisers 558 and 600, Beyerdynamic DT 880/990 and AKG K701 and brought my own music so I got to listen just what I was going to listen...
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Excellent Starter Choice


Pros: Excellent Dynamic Range, Excellent Punchy Bass, Great Design(Not too loud, not too quiet), Decent sound stage, Durable, Comfortable, Interchangeable

Cons: Because of the immense detail you can hear imperfections in some of your favorite songs, A little Big on the head, Takes time getting used to.

Im probably like you right now, I was once reading reviews a bunch of comments, watching a bunch of videos of what to purchase... and everyone kept suggesting the ATH-M50x, so in a frantic search you are checking out reviews. I can honestly say that this was one of the best purchases. This headphone is great for studio use and I can easily convert to casual use. It plays great with all my songs even the ones I would like more bass with. I can easily get a flat sound while mixing. Excellent dynamic range, I can get songs down to very low frequencies without distortion. I can feel all the sub-bass frequencies , with no need for an amplifier. However, with the amplifier I sometimes felt my...
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These are sooo good!


Pros: Crisp High, mids, lows and punchy bass, Comfortable as F***

Cons: Proprietary detachable cables

Got these headphones in blue limited edition and first of all, I must say that they look absolutely fantastic. Sexy in style and design. Not only that, the sound is amazing too! High, mid lows are all crisp and the bass is just enough for all you bass heads out there. Last but not least, the comfort of these headphones is beyond this world! You can literally wear these for the whole day and you head won't hurt even a bit. It's definitely one of the best headphones that is worth every buck of its price! The hype on these cans definitely isn't all for nothing. I really recommend this!
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