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Audio-Technica ATH-M50S Reviews

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Excellent closed cans


Pros: Sound- and build quality, value, looks, soundstage and imaging (for a closed can)

Cons: pleather gets sweaty, some beats/ drums are overpresent

Overall: The ATH-M50 is a well built, beatiful HP. It has swivel earcups and comfortable high quality pleather pads. It comes in big white box with a leather bag and a 6,3 mm jack. (ATH-M50 and ATH-M50S are the same HP. M50s has straight(S) cable, M50 has coiled. Sound: The ATH-M50 sound great out of the box, but started to shine after ~50 hours of burn in. They sound detailed, refined and balanced, with a strong but controlled bass. The biggest quality of the M50s is, that they don't really do anything wrong. They performed pretty good with evrything I threw at them, and their sonic performance is outstanding in this price class. I think it is hard to dislike them at all, but...
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Exceptional Value


Pros: Price, Sound, Comfort, Quality. Loud.

Cons: can fatigue some when worn longer than 5 hours.

Nothing to add off of other reviews. Simply the best headphone purchase dollar for feature that Ive ever made. 

okay i admit .......its not just hype these are great


Pros: price ,build qualty, and incredible sound

Cons: no removeable cord

I have passed on buying these because i generally do not play follow the leader well,so I was bidding on a set of Sennheiser HD 598s and was outbid at the last minute but wanted something new so after searching ebay i made an offer on a like new pair of ATH-M50s.   I should have gotten these years ago because they do everything well ,I have headphones that are better in certain aspects but none this well rounded

These hold up for years


Pros: Great sound, accurate, durable,

Cons: pleather pads stiffen quickly

I've had a pair for about 4 years now wear them daily while working. They're extremely durable, although the oils from your head get absorbed into the ear pads and they stiffen up, not a problem if you're the only person wearing them since they mold to your head.  Occasionally I'll buy new earpads but its not that big of a deal for me.

My introduction to quality


Pros: Clarity, comfort, portability, robustness, value, good isolation

Cons: None so far, except the cord length

I used to have a pair of Koss Portapros before I got my M50s so I was interested in having better headphones than my usual phone earbuds. After reading the reviews here, I managed to get a used pair of M50s for £85 which seemed like a good bargain to me. After around 2 weeks of stretching out the headband and getting used to the flatter sound signature of these as compared to my earlier (bass-heavy) Portapros, I have to say that my lasting impression is one of awe at how these manage to tick all my boxes.    They're really portable, fold up easily into the bag and can be carried around quite simply in my backpack. I usually listen to music through my Nexus 4 which commuting...
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One of the Best Headphones for Starters


Pros: A decently balanced sound, Punchy Bass, Cheap, Built like a tank, great introductory headphone, easy to drive

Cons: Bass can be uncontrolled at times, sibilance can occur, highs are lacking, horrible pleather pads

I see a lot of people saying how overrated these headphones are lately, but most of the time these people compare these headphones 50% to twice its price or higher. In my opinion the ATH M50s are one hard to beat package for a beginner looking to get into better audio at a cheaper price. These headphones are better than many retail stores headphones that cost twice as much or more. I have been using these headphones for hundreds of hours over the past 2 years and have finally upgraded to the Mad Dogs (which blow these out of the water in the majority of categories).   Sound: I do not think these are balanced or flat sounding like some people claim, these headphones do have an easy...
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Best bang for the buck of closed-back cans


Pros: Dollar value, fairly accurate sound, good build quality

Cons: Bulky for travel, rather high pressure on head

I'll add my voice to the many who say these are a freaking bargain. I bought them over cans costing two or three times as much, and have no regrets. I say this as someone who also owns Audeze LCD3's. I don't want to take those with me when I travel, so these are my travel pair, and while they obviously aren't in the same league, I'm still happy to listen to them.   After comparing options, I bought them from Amazon for $120 with free shipping. I typically use them with a Fiio E17, which greatly improves the sound quality when listening from my Macbook Pro--without it, I don't really find the music enjoyable, even though people say these don't need a headphone amp.   I...
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My gateway drug into good headphones.


Pros: Comfortable, good bass.

Cons: Get a little warm on the ears after a couple of hours.

     I'm new to this so take everything with a grain of salt, but I play guitar, and piano so I have a pretty good ear even though I don't know what I'm talking about I know what I like, and I like these alot. This was my first real set of good headphones. I had some $30 AKG plastic things that I thought were great, and some Sennheiser CX380 IEM's before, and was happy with both. Compared to all my friends and there Skullcandys they were awesome. Then I got these, and I was blown away. The cliche of hearing new things in all my music, and being like listening to all my music for the first time again applied.      Like I said I'm new to this whole thing,...
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Perfect ƒ/x cost/quality/comfort


Pros: Clear sound, blocks atmospheric background noise, comfortable, affordable

I listen to music at my desk all day to help drown out the rest of the office noise, these headphones sound amazing and block out the rest of the office. They are comfortable and look pretty good. Sound quality is phenomenal. I can afford them.   The only down-side, and its a minor one, is that the metal jack housing (not the 1/4" jack itself, just the housing) is taller than my smartphone. When I plug it into my phone and set it on a table, my phone doesn't lay flat.

Now that's what I call reality!


Pros: Value for money without the marketing hype!

Cons: Such a good fit, that they are a little warm on the ear.

A new subscriber, but with a good ear and old enough to avoid being sold by marketing alone. The ability to judge a number of over the ear headphones, without the need for active noise-cancelling, makes the choice of a purchase a predictable pathway. My budget allowed me to examine all contenders up to £500, or $750. I also went down to £100 or $150. I auditioned several headphones and then sourced the ATH-M50 from musicmatters in the NW of England. Delivered by FedEx the following day at no extra cost, BTW no vested interest in this or any other companies. I can just detect the difference with or without a portable amplifier, when connected to an iPod, better with the amplifier. I...
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