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Audio-Technica ATH-M50S Reviews

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Not that hawt!


Pros: Frequency Response, Detail, Build Qual.

Cons: Treble, NO soundstage, Bass is too boomy, Aggressive and unforgiving

A headphone originally designed to monitor, Yet has been pushed to audiophile territory as a beginner headphone.   Although recommended, The ATH m50 is actually very boomy in it's presentation and will always be aggressive. It's primary goal is to give you an adequate amount of detail during mixes in a studio and NOT  to enjoy/listen to music.   Yet people STILL recommend it, claiming it competes with headphones at twice its price range, and offering it to people that don't know any other headphone but their skullcandy earbuds or Beats by Dr Dre.   When coming from a headphone as bad as BEATS or skull candy, the M50 sounds like an open-aire...
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The ubiquitous M50 - a closed headphone at $100.


Pros: good isolation, substantial bass, pretty balanced sound

Cons: tight clamping, feeling of pressure that closed cans create

the m50 was released a few years ago by audio technica as the flagship of their "m" studio monitor line.  and, like all audio technicas, it is colored in one way or another. this particular headphone definitely has more bass than a strictly neutral set of cans should.  but, the bass is quite impressive for a phone of this caliber and price range.  using the "heartbeat" test track from the "Open Your Ears" headphone test album, the m50 produces more low frequency rumble than any headhpones i own or have heard.  (bear in mind i have not heard denons or ultrasones).   the general sound is warm.  the headphones are colored forward in the mids such that the bass does not step on them...
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Pros: good sqi

Cons: too heavy

I think the sq is good but personally i dont like flat sounding headphones.



Pros: Fullness of sound

Cons: accuracy

I'm an older fellow whose been listening to headphones for 30 years and I've enjoyed the AT house sound of treble enhanced yet fairly realistic sound. I've owned and used many of their phono cartridges and headphones over the years and generally find that it's good practice to stand up and take notice of any product from any company who has been involved in vinyl sound reproduction, Grado and AT come first to mind. The m50 however are not the typical musically bright sound but have a fatter, more rolled off sound.........Regardless, these are a great all'rounder that offers the average man/woman something to use for many purposes. I find the bass a bit too 'fudgey' for me and not enough...
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Great for music...not movies/games


Pros: Good sound quality, Sturdy construction, Comfortable

Cons: Poor soundstage, Cable a bit too long, it's 3.5mm connector is a bit awkward

I love the sound quality, one of my first good pairs of headphones for music. Soundstage is very lacking, don't even try to play a game with it (Could pinpoint enemy footsteps better with a mono speaker haha)   The folding is sort of nice, but annoying at the same time.  I let my friends try them on and they always manage to flip the earcups the wrong way and get confused.   Sometimes the highs are overbearing.  My ears tend to be hurt by some youtube videos and some music.



Pros: Gorgeous bass, built like a tank, attractive, value

Cons: Recessed mids, slight sibilance, comfort, cable spring

The M50's have developed a reputation as "the starter headphone" for aspiring audiophiles and they deliver for their price. Design: These headphones are built like a tank. Solid construction is always a plus. They do have the famous AT clamp and without some stretching, can be a bit too much. The cable is not detachable, and there is a small spring near the jack that without special care, becomes dislodged and eventually comes off. Aesthetically, and cosmetically, these cans are gorgeous IMO. Sound Quality: For their price, these headphones are amazing, there are definitely others out there that can compete at the price range though. Highs: I am torn by the highs on these headphones....
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Pretty decent, current price is a bit high.


Pros: Bass is quite good, headphone seals well

Cons: Harsh and grating highs, high clamping force.

A friend picked up the ATH-M50s as his first decent headphone, and we spent a couple of days swapping back and forth between them and my DT770 Pro 80ohm.   - Build   I found the M50s to be quite well built considering how much plastic was on them. They felt solid, and the folding mechanisms were smooth and felt quite good.   The pads were very soft, and the pleather felt rather nice and sealed very well. The headband, however, was not padded very well, and along with the high clamping force of the M50s, lead to comfort issues.   - Sound   I would describe the M50s as having a very V-shaped sound signature.   The bass extension,...
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A fading standard


Pros: Still decent bang for buck

Cons: Better alternatives

EDIT: The M50x update now fixes quite a few issues actually. Do check that out. This review is about the old version.   The age-old flagship "bang-for-buck" all rounder closed back ATH M50s are a good, but not great headphone. If this was years ago, it would be great. But today it struggles to compete with less expensive alternatives.   Build Quality, Design, Comfort Heavy plastics make up a sturdy, well-built, and heavy duty headphone with a solid feel. Albeit chunky, it somehow looks both professional and fun with the "dj style" factor mixed in.  The leather pads are very soft be designed for smaller ears considering how shallow they are. Great for using em for...
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