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Best bang for the buck of closed-back cans

A Review On: Audio-Technica ATH-M50S

Audio-Technica ATH-M50S

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Pros: Dollar value, fairly accurate sound, good build quality

Cons: Bulky for travel, rather high pressure on head

I'll add my voice to the many who say these are a freaking bargain. I bought them over cans costing two or three times as much, and have no regrets. I say this as someone who also owns Audeze LCD3's. I don't want to take those with me when I travel, so these are my travel pair, and while they obviously aren't in the same league, I'm still happy to listen to them.


After comparing options, I bought them from Amazon for $120 with free shipping. I typically use them with a Fiio E17, which greatly improves the sound quality when listening from my Macbook Pro--without it, I don't really find the music enjoyable, even though people say these don't need a headphone amp.


I listen primarily to classical, vocalists, some jazz and other acoustic music.


The pressure is still fairly high on my head. Fortunately, they go around the ears, so it is not the ears that get the pressure, but the sides of my head. Still, I tend to take them off every hour or so to relax before resuming listening. It may be that over time they will loosen their grip a bit--I don't use them all that often.


My rating is based on their price; obviously there are much better cans if price is no object.


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