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My first pair of good headphones

A Review On: Audio-Technica ATH-M50S

Audio-Technica ATH-M50S

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Pros: Warm sound, good balanced bass (lots of bass in hiphop, less in jazz), decent soundstage

Cons: I'm not a audiophile really, so i'd say i'm very happy with these!

I've had these headphones for about 6 months now, and i am very happy with the buy!

These costs 80$ more in sweden, so bought them when i was in the US this summer.

I bought the 50 yrs anniversary version (straight cable) in silver instead of black, but they have the same sound so there's no difference really, but they look a little more plastic in silver.


They fit really good on my head.

It's some pressure on my ears, but they mostly hang on my head.

I have big ears, so sometimes after 1,5hrs they can pressureize a little on the outer sides of my ears. Then i just pause for 20min and continue again afterwards.

Build quality

The build quality is great.

First when i saw these headphones online i thought it was aluminum, but it's just plastic.

Even though they're made of plastic, they are really sturdy.

But the best of all is the wonderful cord.

I have run over it with my office chair several times, but it doesn't even seem to get slightly damaged.

I can't even count how many in-ears i have detroyed because of bad cords.

The headband is really smooth and so is the pouch that included with the purchase!


These great headphones does not deserve a smartphone amp.

The difference between using them in my iMac and in my LG Optimus 2x is huge.

Thinking of buying a DAC/amp, i think it would improve these headphones alot!


The bass is good, not too strong, just balanced.

These headphones can go really low if you really want them too.

The lowest frequencies are not always very loud, but when you think about it you can hear them and subconsiously you feel that it makes a more full and complete sound.

The bass is normally balanced and not too strong, but somehow it's very strong when listening to rap like 2pac etc. Maybe that's how they're recorded. This is a pro for me though! smily_headphones1.gif


Good mids, can't really say anything about them because 


Decent on my smartphone but great in my computer.

Clear and even if the frequencies are really high!

Love the detail on my songs with good audio quality!


Pretty good soundstage, when listening to some trip hop songs it feels like the bass is constant and the highs can feel distant but not quiet which makes the sound detailed. 

I recommend these headphones!

Love em'

EDIT: I forgot to tell you, i was very dissapointed with the sound when i got them. I tried to break them in for 24hrs but still not good. I was dissapointed, felt really sad that payed 140 bucks for a pair of headphones that couldn't even produce non-aching highs but but after a couple of months i wondered why i thought the buy was bad in the beginning and realized that the sound had changed to the better.

I just want to prepare people that you are going to get dissapointed the first month of using them, but are going to be great after breaking them in and getting used to them!

2 YEAR EDIT: I have been using these for a while but they are starting to get old.
The hinges broke last week like in this thread. I did glue it together though with plastic glue which i got for 3$ and it have lasted for a week, and i hope that it stays on for now.

They have survived for a long time and i have liked them, but during the years the filling inside the pads have become more dense and harder and my ears now rest on the drivers which makes the headphones hurt my ears even more.

I have also started using a tube amp which has increased the sound quality greatly, they do not need to be driven by an amp but it does sound much better with one. The cable has also started to tangle itself pretty often now which gets annoying. Since i have used this headphone pretty much every day for over two years (mostly at home, but also on the go), i would say that it has lasted very well. It's a great headphone but it's starting to get a little worn out.


Interesting how you see the soundstage, personally I'm not a big fan of the m50's soundstage its kind of flat and lacks depth (as some other members have noted too) but sound is purely subjective so I'm glad that you like them. Welcome to Head-fi!
Lurked around alot when i bought my ATH50s, and just came back! :)

About the soundstage, it depends alot on what kind of music you listen to.
The soundstage is at its best when theres a frequency difference between the instruments (obviously)
And sometimes when it's lots of constant bass (like a really low electric guitar(for example plush - stone temple pilots)) it can feel like the bass is just at your head which makes the rest less detailed.
But i'd still say that the sound is surrounding.

Btw, are you a part of darknet or is it just your nickname? :P
Bleh just looked up Darknet ... never even realized they had such a thing... Darknet has just been my standard go to username for like 7 years now.
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