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A Review On: Audio-Technica ATH-M50S

Audio-Technica ATH-M50S

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Pros: Overall great, good mids, highs, and lows its also very, very well built, respond well to eq

Cons: ear pads, doesn't come with an actual case. Needs to be burnt in

These headphones are great, i listen from to a lot of different genres of music and these sound great in all of them. They are built very well, and don't seem like i have to worry about them breaking. At first they sounded decent, but now they have about 400 or more hours of burn in and they sound amazing now!!

They have great bass that can be eq'd and amped to satisfy almost any basshead!

I can also easily hear every little detail in a song,it is an absolutely amazing music experience!



+great all rounder


+good bass


+can be made either really bassy or really non bassy through eq


+Very well built




-needs an amp


-earpads get hot



- poor soundstage
- recessed mids
- average highs
- clamp force
Hey, it's all in the eyes of the reviewer. Not everyone values soundstage as much as you (and I) do, and many people like a V-shaped signature. The highs of the M50 are passable and not all that worthy of criticism unless doing a direct head-to-head with similarly-priced rivals, and clamping force may not be an issue for this reviewer.
I rated the ATH-M50 at 3.5 stars and agree with many of your criticisms, but it's Asdfqwerty's review.
@ssrock64 I hear you
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