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Outstanding unamped performance for little Cash

A Review On: Audio-Technica ATH-M50S

Audio-Technica ATH-M50S

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Pros: PRaT, Fullbodied Imaging, Bass Quantity & Quality, no extra amp needed, shows the qualities of higher end D/A

Cons: recessed mids

Preferred them to :


SR225 - little bass quantity, uncomfortable

SA5000 -  body missing, little bass quantity, resolution is too much,  great for electronia

T1 - M50 had a more fullbodied sound while having less resolution


Cans that were close:

HD650: veiled,great tone&mids, better resolution, less bass, needs top amplification, better comfort

DT990: great treble energy, better resolution, but bass & treble can get tiring/ too much quickly


recessed mids excepted - the m50 have a much better balanced sound with better imaging, body and prat. while the higher end cans were technically superior in some ways (resolution & speed), i had more fun with the m50 over time and thougt that extra cash would be better spent on the best D/A  one could afford.


SOURCE FIRST ! Nuforce, Centrance, PS AUDIO, LINN...


Clamping force will get comfortable if you store your cans on a box that is a few inches wider than your head. Some users report increased comfort with Shure 840 Pads. I have the coiled cable version as i use them on my mobile aswell.


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