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Excellent high-end headphones for a reasonable price

A Review On: Audio-Technica ATH-M50S

Audio-Technica ATH-M50S

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Pros: Stellar sound quality, good build quality

Cons: Maybe a little pricey?

After my Sennheiser HD 595s ended up being slightly damaged- resulting in some annoying background distortion-, I went a few years without a higher-end set of headphones. The ATH-M50S caught my eye initially, and I was going to purchase this or a set of Beyerdynamics that cost twice as much but were said to be really worth it. Needless to say I chose these, mainly due to the price, and I am certainly pleased with this purchase. In terms of sound quality, these are arguably better than my HD 595s, as the ATH-M50S rivals the HD 595 when it comes to mid/high frequency range, but the ATH-M50S also produces lots of bass. The soundstage produced by these headphones is excellent, as the sound frequencies across the board are finely balanced- the high frequency range is not quite as clear as with the HD 595s, but this is most likely due to these Audio-Technicas being closed-end headphones. They are comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time- I've worn them for 4-5 hours without experiencing any discomfort-, and I have become impressed with the build quality and the materials used. My pair has withstood being carried around, and the fold-in design makes these large headphones easy to move around- in comparison with the HD 595. Unfortunately I do not have any other high-end headphones to compare these to, but the ATH-M50S is arguably the best set of headphones I have had the pleasure to own. I highly recommend these to anyone looking for relatively affordable high-end headphones- if you're looking for high-end Bose or Shure headphones, please check out these!


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