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Best closed headphones I've owned

A Review On: Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Studio Monitor Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Studio Monitor Headphones

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Pros: Sound, comfort, isolation, sturdy coiled cord

Cons: Made of all plastic (sturdy plastic so not really a con)

Great set of closed headphones! I haven't really owned any other good closed headphones besides the PRODJ100. These sound comparable to my HD558 in terms of detail. There is a slight emphasis in the bass but the bass is very good so that's not really a problem for me. The bass extension is really amazing and there is a lot of impact, sounds amazing with Long After You've Gone by Chris Jones and Earth Wind and Fire! Highs are incredible, and the mids are good also, although recessed. This V shaped sound signature in fine for more modern styles of music but not very good for jazz or classical. The soundstage is fine for a closed headphones although not as wide as the prodj100 and doesn't compare to open headphones like the hd 558's. Overall, great sound. They block out a surprising amount of outside noise and don't leak at all. Very comfortable except that you ears get kinda hot (mostly unavoidable for closed headphones). My only complaint is that they are made out of all plastic and i wish they were made from metal like the PRODJ100 but the plastic seems extremely durable and strong so that's not really an issue. Overall, amazing headphone, especially for the price!


Soundstage is "impressive" on the M50s? O.o
Did I miss something? Was there a new new version released? O.o
Last I tried them, they had the most narrow soundstage of any headphones I'd ever demoed.
@GL1TCH3D :)) soundstage good on the ath m50??? and he said he has the hd 558 O_o and he also said "the mids are incredible" makes me wonder if he really has the hd 558 :))
I'd have to agree with the above two assessments. Compared to even my Ultrasone PRO 550, my M50s/le sounds much, much narrower.
The soundstage of the M50 improves with a good amp and computer DAC. I also felt the newer M50 in the white box was much better than the older version.
Hi, sorry for the confusion, I am very new to more serious headphones so my assessments are really not extremely accurate. As I said in the review the sound stage on the m50's sounded impressive to me compared with other closed headphones i've heard (PRODJ00), not open ones like my HD558's. I don't think its that fair to compare closed headphones soundstage's with open headphones soundstage's, at least at this price point. Also, I should have elaborated on the mids a bit. They are very good imo, even if they are recessed. It obvious that the mids on the hd558's are more prominent and better, but the mids on the m50's are not bad, just less prominent. Hope that makes sense!
I will edit my review to make more sense.
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