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Good cans for DJs and those entering Head fi

A Review On: Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Studio Monitor Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Studio Monitor Headphones

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Pros: Nice Treble extension, good bass,Clamping Force, portable, nice looking, no amping needed

Cons: Clamping force which needs breaking in, slightly recessed mids, slightly bloated bass, shallow pads, closed sounstage

So finally I gave them up for an upgrade. Now to write what I think of them.


Build and Design: 

I think these are some of MOST solidly built cans I seen comparing to the ATH-SQ5 which was my previous cans and other cans like DT 235, Shure 440 which would be important to say DJs. Its very portable to store away too with its swivel cups. There are days which I would just chuck it in my bag and safe to say when I sold it away, it was still in very good condition considering my heavy usage pattern(mobile warrior).



I did not do a review back when I got it because I did not have a high up there reference but now that I have an idea of how these cans are.



Good treble detail but slightly forgiving. The now similarly priced Shure 840s will give you better highs though.



Despite having the white box ones, I still find myself pushing the volume up to hear those vocals, so the mids are still kind of recessed. Guitar tracks sound a little flat on some songs but otherwise it is pretty minor.



Oh man, this has all the bass I need, sometimes I think a little too much but maybe that is because of bass bloat? 



Sound quality wise I compared these to the DT770PRO  and I'm pretty sure its just a sidestep, with the 770 needing an amp to drive it. Vocals sound a little distant compared to the DT880 and ER-4S both which are somewhat a reference to me. Soundstage is very closed though. Switching from my monitors (R2000T) or my NAD speaker system to the M50 would give me headaches. I recommend using crossfeeding like Isone Pro or Redline Monitor with them.  


I absolutely recommend looking into the second hand market as these can go pretty cheap and in great condition. 



So in the end do I recommend these? Yes, but mostly for DJs, people entering from consumer-fi and road warriors. I think the alternative, Shure 840s, DT770s are better cans then the M50. 




1 Comment:

I picked up the DT770 Pro back in the fall. These were my first real headphone purchase. I was basically deciding whether I wanted to get the 770s or the M50. Based on your review I'm glad I chose the ones I did. Thanks for the helpful review