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A Review On: Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Studio Monitor Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Studio Monitor Headphones

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Pros: Sound- and build quality, value, looks pro, amazing soundstage and imaging for a closed can

Cons: pleather gets sweaty, some beats/ drums a bit overpresent

The ATH-M50 is a well built, beatiful HP. It has swivel earcups and comfortable high quality pleather pads. It comes in big white box with a leather bag and a 6,3 mm jack.
(ATH-M50 and ATH-M50S are the same HP. M50s has straight(S) cable, M50 has coiled.)

The ATH-M50 sound great out of the box, but started to shine after ~50 hours of burn in.
They sound detailed, refined and balanced, with a strong but controlled bass.
The biggest quality of the M50s is, that they don't really do anything wrong. They performed pretty good with evrything I threw at them, and their sonic performance is outstanding in this price class.
I think it is hard to dislike them at all, but experienced audiophiles may find them to sound "clinical" or "booring", because they don't really shine at anything.
Newcomer audiophiles on the other hand will be blown away for sure.

The ATH-M50 made me realise, that a good HP is not all about sound quality.
A HP this expensive really has to fill all it's owners needs.
For me the isolation just didn't do it, and the pleather pads got my ears sweaty all the time.
But that's cause I used them as a portable HP mainly, which they were not designed to be.
Now with a high end portable HP (hd 25-1) I am as happy as i can be.

The Audio Technica ATH-M50 is a excellent Headphone with outstanding sound quality in it's price class, but I would not recommend it as a portable HP.
Newcomers to audiophile equipment can't go wrong with this.

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Very happy you clearly stated that NEWCOMERS to audiophile can't go wrong. I very much agree, this really is a beginners' phone. Although, in its price class there is much more competition when it comes to the quality/detail of the sound as opposed to the muddiness of the M50's (have now 80+ hours on them, still not better)
"...they don't do anything wrong"...unfortunately my jaw fell to the ground and can't speak anymore.
Wow, frenchie, you sure hate the m50's, and love a pair of extremely fake-sounding shures with zero soundstage. I'm going to have to put you down as an idiot.
Yeah, well if you want some come to the store, we can't get rid of the m50's, they're on sale on top of that. BS walks, tweedle-dumb. I just can't believe so many people would die for the m50's. So much better stuff out there than that can. It's no wonder they went down in price so much.
Well thanks for the insight mr. shure dealer. I just got my 440's this friday after demoing them, and this exaggerated midrange is just making met feel sorry for you and your obviously damaged hearing. You should see a doctor before writing any more "reviews"
Hey, it's flower boy, again. Still think I see the Shure's as a 400 can like you are? You might want to invest in a better kindergarten teacher, flower girl.
@defrenchguy: Dont think there is any need for the name-calling, but the m50s are far from muddy sounding, and are an excellent deal, esp. for the price. So what exactly would you say is so much better in this price range? Why not give some constructive input here?
Constructive input against fanboyism is useless here. I don't find either the Shure's or the ATH's very good. They're in a range that just doesn't sound THAT great. The M50's are only good online. I've yet to meet anyone who's heard much about them in real life. I don't really care what you guys like. Monkeys like ants...doesn't make ants good to eat. I bought the Shure because they were $60 cheaper than the M50's unless I wanted to risk getting them from an eBay retailer and not get the warranty. Stores here sell them here closer to 170-180. Shure's are around for $120 nearly anywhere. Excellent? Give me a break.
wow...this is your brain on crack.
Smart guy. But you're not quite up to snuff, yet, little one. Maybe someday you'll be like me.