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Audio Technica ATH-M40FS Precision StudioPhones Reviews

Positive Reviews


Flat response, fast response. Not dissatisfied.


Pros: 11-Foot Cable (Pretty Subjective), Quick Response, Resolute Sound, Clean High-end

Cons: Pads & Headband wear easily.

While the treble can be slightly "honky" (as another reviewer put it) at times, the high frequencies are very clear on this pair of headphones, and one can pick out different instruments.   These headphones (being studio monitors) are very clear, and one will have to a good bit of work in order to muddy the sound. They compete will with my Grado's in the category of "fast-response cans". I was able to listen to some swedish death opera with good clarity. I have no complaints whatsoever regarding bass, treble, or midrange - all of these are equally present.   In fact, my only complaint may be that they can can start sounding a bit muffled after a good while listening with...
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Negative Reviews


Comfortable enough to wear all day, better with an EQ


Pros: Very comfortable, earpieces both swivel 180 degrees, rugged construction

Cons: Underwhelming bass, very forward mids, thin earpads

(Review edited 6/6/13 to add comparison to Sony MDR 7506, additions in bold text).   Disclaimer: My only other good cans to compare these to are Beyerdynamics DT770 (250) and Sony MDR 7506's. I fully realize this review will be biased because of that. So please keep that in mind. This review is my purely subjective opinion.   I bought these because of the nearly 400 gushing reviews on Amazon. Also, because they were cheap. I use them at work, and leave them on my desk when I go home. If someone walks off with them, I won't be heartbroken. They are powered by a stock Bravo Audio V2, driven by an ipod. Can't plug into the computer at work, so the setup has to be...
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More Reviews


Audio-Technica ATH-M40 Mini-review


Pros: Fairly straight frequency response, excellent dynamic range, quick dynamics.

Cons: A bit cold sound with serious headphone amps. Sometimes honky treble.

ATH-M50 prices have gone up (way up) and so the next logical choice was the ATH-M40, which was half the price. ATH-M40 has 40 mm. diaphragms unlike ATH-M50's 50 mm. Otherwise it's a fairly similar model; the accuracy is there too, although they're slightly colder (and faster). ATH-M40 have straight drivers, unlike ATH-M50, which have angled drivers. IMHO that is the only flaw with the ATH-M50: angled drivers bleed some soundstage and midrange power. Though the ATH-M50 drivers are engineered to compensate, they still have a few slight holes here and there in the frequency response. Angled drivers are a sales gimmick really, though A-T engineers did a good job with the ATH-M50. ATH-M40's...
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Very good monitor headphone


Pros: Ideal for use in recording music

Cons: Not ideal for music playback. Terminated with 1/4" connection only

I do not know much about headphones, but figured I'd fill the void and give me basic, Layman's experience. I got these headphones because they were reasonably priced, were well reviewed, and meant for the studio. At the time, I was getting into basic guitar recording--just through my laptop, but I owned a Boss GT-8 digital processor board, and a M-Audio FireWire Solo. Each had 1/4" connections, so at the time, headphones terminated with only 1/4" jack weren't an issue. They work well for guitar playback--their description of having a flat response is accurate; you hear what you're supposed to hear. So when tracking guitar, or adjusting amp models, you don't want headphones that have...
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