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100% Positive Reviews
Rated #134 in Universal Fit


Pros: punchy bass, sweet mids

Cons: isolation, comfort

CKS line improves the main problem of traditional audio technica products which was bass. CKS50 did not focus on the quantity but the quality of bass, it does not have the quantity for hard rock music but it was tight and powerful enough for pop-rock also it still have the sweet mids like audio technica do which makes my perfect choice for j-pop female vocal.


Pros: Clear sound , good bass highs and lows .

Cons: Comfort , cant lay down with it

Its good overall iem.


The ATH-CKS50, "Solid Bass" series of low-cost model.


ATH-CKS90 top level, CKS50 the bottom.
A comparison of the two.
Amazon.co.jp price is as follows.
  • ATH-CKS90 JPY6, 439
  • ATH-CKS70 JPY5, 389
  • ATH-CKS50 JPY2, 923
# fill in the price at review.
# $1=JPY82



Comparison of sound.

It is also a good representation of low-frequency CKS90 better. CKS90 is rich in low frequency. Low frequency sounds come out.
Use your iPod connected to the ATH-CKS50 is a good choice.Sound stage is good overall balance.
Price-performance ratio is very high.


By using the headphone amplifier's ATH-CKS90 more attractive.

ATH-CKS50 which can be used more easily.





Structure of the different sub chamber.

It looks small, even when mounted ATH-CKS50 it is smaller.


Seen from the front.
Left CKS90, right CKS50.




ATH-CKS90 was to display different colors in the left and right.


This is a good point that can determine right now.
However, CKS50 is printed in white on the same side effects in cost.
(ATH-CKS70 different colors printed on each side)




Slide the earpiece, you can change the sound.

Neither has the same mechanism.


Deep position (used to pull. set near the ear) and the standard position (insert deep and the earpiece) as the two.


ath-cks_zu (1).gif




Both Y-cables. Of good quality cables and plugs.


ATH-CKS50 Dynamic Model Driver φ12.5mm Output sound pressure level 104dB/mW 5 ~ 24,000 Hz frequency reproduction 100mW maximum input 16Ω impedance Weight approx 8g (excluding cord) Φ3.5 gold-plated stereo mini-plug (L type) Length: 1.2m / Y type

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