A Review On: Audio-Technica ATH-CK10 Portable In-Ear Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-CK10 Portable In-Ear Headphones

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Pros: watery mids, airy highs, revealing, detailed, exceptional for trance and similiar music, excellent for background listening or sleeping in.

Cons: unnatural and flat sounding, not suitable for rock.

These are most likely the best IEM's you will ever find for trance, let me explain, firstly it is as if they are fine-tuned and sonically crafted for Trance and similiar genres, all the vices you heard in these IEM's in other genres suddenly become virtues and they simply come alive and you are swept away.

Secondly, there is something about the sound signature in these IEM's that is trance inducing, I believe it lies in the very flat and true to life frequency response and satin smooth mids, it's like listening to water, like a band playing on a misty lake, this quality is very fine and quite relaxing, unlike other IEM's I can listen to these for hours and I even fell asleep in them listening at low volumes.


Likewise I find them quite suitable for classical thanks to the very high detail retreival and true to life frequency response especially somewhere up around 6kHz-10kHz.


Next genre, I listened to the album Homogenic by Björk, I found this album remarkable on these IEM's.



Next genre, rock, vocals..... hm?  what's this?  Not so good here, every texture I'm used to is smoothed over, sand turns into silk, frost turns into water, marble into milk.... you get the idea, they lack livliness and aren't acoustically involving.

Listening to my Rock music as I'm writing this I had "Broder Daniel - Work" playing, and then halfway through the track I switched my ck10's with my stripped MDR-E888's, I can instantly hear everything I was missing, the vocals, percussion and electric guitars all sound more raw, acoustic and real now, much better for this kind of music.  So, I will give the ck10's a 7/10 for rock, and 10/10 for Trance.  I can live with this vice, they have a very high sound quality, so they will sound OK with any genre, for sure, and you can't expect 10/10 sound in portable audio.



The accessories is nothing to write home about, and the cable looks pretty normal to me, I've seen better cables.


Design is top notch, it feels so intuitive and simple to hook them over your ear, I achieved a perfect fit immediately.  They are so small, and the dark-teal coloured metal covers almost make them look like jewelery in your ears.


Comfort and isolation is very good, I fell asleep in them.


Build-quality seems superior, I feel like I could go jogging with these in the rain, take them to the beach, the snow, or a concert, I feel like they'll hold up.







For the price, I'd only recommend these to someone that listens to trance everyday, or someone that wants to make a long-term investment in a pair of high sound-quality IEM's that will not fail them.


If you want raw, edgy, lifelike, acoustic sound or open-window transparency, don't look here, my $75 stripped MDR-E888's I used in this review outperform them here.


If you want overall high sound-quality, mids so watery it feels like you could drink them, and highs so airy and detailed they're like... air... you should look here.





- I listen to music at high volumes, these seem to have tamed my high volume listening habits, so I think these IEM's are healthy for me, the flat FR and high detail at low volumes makes the listening experience fine.


- Deep insertion results in better sound.



Most Exceptional Tracks


Tiesto - Adagio For Strings

Paul Oakenfold - Gamemaster (original mix)


Dj Murasame - Scripted Connection -original extended-

Hilary Hahn - Paganini Caprice No. 24*

Björk - bachelorette*



Least Exceptional Tracks


my entire rock collection.









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