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Audio-Technica ATH-AD900 Reviews


Best bang-for-buck headphone available


Pros: Comfort +++ and great detailed sound - all day listening

Cons: Slightly light on the bass

This is the summary from my full review: For around $300 you'll have a very hard time finding a better pair of headphones in terms of accuracy, staging and comfort. I regularly wear these headphones all day (literally) and actually miss them when I take them off because they are SO comfortable. I have a shaved head so there's no hair to add padding for headphones and most become uncomfortable in time, but the AD900s are hands-down the most comfortable thing I've ever worn on my head (including hats and beanies)! If you love bass from a variety of music, don't jump at the AD900s until you've had a good listen to a range of tracks to see if the "realistic" bass is enough for you. If...
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Good phones to start hearing good sound but it makes you want to upgrade even more.


Pros: soundstage, instrument separation, bass quality

Cons: ear touches speaker = uncomfortable, bass quantity, back of concert hall

This is my first review so forgive me if I make any mistakes. Everything below will be in my humble opinion. I don't have good amp to drive them either, but most people agree that these cans do not need an amp to drive.   Comfort: Supposedly, audio-technica's AD series is a line of very comfortable headphones that has warm sound. I didn't think they were particularly comfortable because I didn't like how my left ear is touching the driver on the left side of headphones. One possible explanation is I have weird ears, that might be the case but I have not had problems with other headphones before. Another explanation is the phones are old and the pads have been worn down. Anyway,...
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Exacting sound stage, neutral coloration and no distortion at extended frequencies.


Pros: Fair price, good build, not too heavy, the sound .

Cons: Sound stage can be altered if shifted too far on the ears.

I bought my pair on the used market, sold in the area by a very serious audio fan.   I have waited one year of use to do this review.   They were in perfect shape when bought and I got spoiled by the price, $80.00.   The cable length is long but not too long like some Sony headphones I had and the connector 1/8" (with adapter) is one of the nicest quality build I have seen.   Comfort wise perfect when you find the common balance sweetspot on the auto adjusting headphone design. Very clever, but I have a feeling someone with a smaller than average head having shifting issues. My head is a bit bigger than average for my size and they fit perfectly . The...
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Fantastic but divisive headphones


Pros: Comfort, detail, soundstage/air, price, easily driven

Cons: Bass impact not for everyone

  The AD900 is well known for its patent Audio Technica house sound; emphasizing light, airy highs. Separation of instruments is fantastic, but occasionally can cause the soundstage to sound artificially big. This is readily apparent when playing something like the Beatles’ stereo remasters, which have hard-panned left and right channels. While not common with more recent masters, this panning can be dizzying and fatiguing if the effect is strong or if one channel is favored. This is more a problem that stems in the studio, so I won’t hold it against the 900. Where the soundstage becomes a benefit is in live recordings; you can hear the musicians shift their weight, glasses...
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Brilliant Upgrade for AT fans


Pros: Price to Value. Soundstage.

Cons: Comfort is picky.

I've been a lurker for a long time, but now that I've got some more money and better cans, I thought I'd write a review of the AD900s.   I upgunned to the AD900s from my AD700s and an HD 555 modded to HD 595, so my review will be based on that comparison. I'm listening to these through a Asus Xonar Essence STX, and am using v0 mp3 files.   So everyone always says the AD700s and HD 595s have a great soundstage, and I'll agree, and the AD900s have an even better soundstage. It's really a cool feeling when you can listen to a song or piece of music and actually feel the instrumental separation that couldn't before. The separation is very clear and distinct, almost to the...
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Good headphones


Pros: price to value, airy sound, comfort

Cons: bass, slightly muddy

These are great headphones for quite a budget price (at least in Japan and America).  I also own the AD2000 and the W1000X so here is a little comparison:   The W1000X would be the warmest sounding of the bunch. The AD900s openness also takes away something from the bass area that would be needed for a warm and embracing sound. The AD2000 is airy as well, but a lot closer and tighter than the AD900. In direct comparison the AD900 seems to be rather muddy with not quite as clear mids and highs than the AD2000 or W1000X. Whereas the AD2000 doesn't seem to be needing any amplification (of course it scales well), I would highly recommend to amplify the AD900. Comfortwise...
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Great mid-range headphone


Pros: Detail, soundstage, build quality, comfort, weight

Cons: Bass quantity

I'll start of with the physical aspects.  The headphones have a magnesium and plastic construction and feel light but well built.  The 1/8 to 1/4" TRS adaptor is nicer than most and the cable is good (thick, no memory, strain relieved etc.) but single entry which I don't care for.   Fit is very good, the self adjusting wings work exactly as advertised and put very little pressure on any part of my head.  Despite the very large size of the cups, the driver housing (not the driver itself!) still comes into contact with my ears, kinda like a on-ear phone.  I don't find this to be a problem, it never bothers me and ears don't get warm in there.  There are...
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Great mid-level headphones


Pros: Clarity (Mid/Highs), Soundstage

Cons: Slight Comfort Issues, Bass, Packaging

This review is written from the perspective of the Ad900 stock, no external amp or DAC to give readers an idea of what to expect if they buy these without an amp/DAC. I would also like to preface this by stating I will be comparing these to the Ad700 often as they are the next logical step in the Ad series.   Packaging: I was very surprised to see that the packaging was no better than the Ad700 headphones. They came in a cardboard box with a plastic headphone stand, including a 1/8 to 1/4 adaptor. While the headphones always sell cheaper than the MSRP, you would think that $400 MSRP headphones would come with a higher quality packaging. It's not that big of a deal though,...
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