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OK while they lasted

A Review On: Audio Technica ATH-AD700

Audio Technica ATH-AD700

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Pros: Pleasant sound

Cons: Apalling after sales support

I had a set of ATH-AD700 for about a year. Generally, I liked the sound and learned to live with the 'one size fits all' design. Their bulk was a little annoying, but acceptable.


After about a year of ownership, the left channel developed an audible buzz / vibration during passages with very low frequencies, so I decided to send them back to Audio Technica Australia for service. That was where the fun started.


I had multiple promises that the service department would contact me to advise of progress / outcomes, but they rarely did and I was forced to keep emailing or calling them to find out why they hadn't called or let me know what was happening. The last contact I had with them was when they advised they couldn't replicate the problem and for me to give more information, which I did, along with sample *.mp3 files that I knew triggered the fault.


That was many weeks ago and I've heard nothing from them since. I've lost interest in wasting any more time chasing their useless service department. They can keep the 'phones; I'll get something else from another vendor.


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