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Budget vs Quality Sound

A Review On: Audio Technica ATH-AD700

Audio Technica ATH-AD700

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Pros: Comfort Staging Range Mids Clarity

Cons: Open Bass Sensitivity

So comfortable. Hours of enjoyment with no pressure points.


Make no mistake, if you can buy these in the $70 range ('used' means they are just starting to break in, hopefully they didn't like the fit) you won't regret it. Doesn't matter if they are open style or lacking some bass, the pros outweigh the cons by a long shot.


You can gain a bit of bass response by running heavy lows through them for a couple hours, like Bjork - Hunter (off YouTube will work). No headphone will ever produce bass like a good external sub will. More usage is making them sound better and better at 2 months old.


The AD700 staging is so good that typical music will sound lacking of instruments almost hollow but that is not the AD700's fault that you notice empty air. Echoes and reverb  are well produced. Human voice range is better than either high or low ranges. Highs next, lows last... the clarity of separation allows you to know that or hear that. Stereo: right, left and center are superb. Enough bass in contrast to highs and mids to please me. (I could see where more expensive phones would disappoint if the staging didn't at least match the AD700's)


As usual, low quality signal in brings low quality out.


You can hear everything the guy at the mixing board was trying to do even if some consider the AD700 sounds colored and flat but we are talking about $70 bucks here.


The more instruments or sounds like voices or crowd noise, the more enjoyable the AD700 are, as the individual locations of the sounds stand alone and don't blend together much but gives you dimension. I have no problem listening to movies, the background noises are easily present in a wide range. Well recorded TV commercials are almost worth listening to wearing the AD700. Listening to any type (HQ) music will leave you wanting more.


Sensitivity of 98 dB/mW on these AD700 forces you to turn the volume up to bring all the sounds out but the highs and lows will begin to be more defined if your eardrums can handle it, voice(s) always seems to be enjoyable at any level.


I'm listening via a Prodigy 7.1 PCI sound card with my favorite Operational Amps (AD797BR adapted x2, 627AU adapted out) on the stereo circuit, the AD700 responds to every setting I want to hear from the control panel. There is no doubt I am hearing the subtle changes using the slider bars but usually don't use enhancements other than the 'headphones' option. Have a Klipsch 5.1 Ultra sub and the controller has headphones out at 200mW into 300ohms / 450mW into 50ohms and it does help with any headphone plugged into it but no so necessary with the AD700 @ Impedance of 32 ohms.


Going to check out Audio Technica T500 (closed) next, found them for under $70.


Packaging...don't make me laugh. Whatever, have fun.



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