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Hard to beat for the price

A Review On: Audio Technica ATH-AD700

Audio Technica ATH-AD700

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Pros: Clean, clear sound, good dynamics and imaging

Cons: Really big, slight brightness on some recordings

I've had these for 2 1/2 years now, and have been very happy.  They replaced my Sennheiser 570, which are also very good, but not as clear as these.  The AD700 is also better than the low-end Stax that I used to use.  I'm driving them through an older Arcam 45-watt integrated amp with no problems - volume control is barely above the minimum for a decent listening level.


Dynamics and imaging are very good.  Bass is normal, not overemphasized.


Issues: They're crazy big, even on a medium-sized head.  Therefore, they move around a little, but they are still above-average in comfort.  I'd prefer it if the wings were more adjustable.  Being open-backed, they leak a fair amount when played loud.


They also can sizzle a bit on certain high-frequency sounds or sibilant vocals.  I used to think that it was mistracking by my Ortofon 2M Bronze, since I mostly heard it on vinyl, but I eventually noticed that the same recordings behave better when played through my B+W speakers.  For 95% of my records, this isn't a problem, but for a few that are cut really hot on the high end, there's some breakup.


These are still worth considering at current prices.  However, I would not use them to drive a portable device without a headphone amp.

1 Comment:

Thanks for the detailed review. Yea i love my Audio Technica ATH-AD700 too. I've had for just about the same amount of time. Its my favorite open headphone with the right amount of bass. Makes new wave like Gary Numan and John Foxx very detailed enhancing the sci-fi futuristic ambience. Found it to go great with all genres especially when played on my Onkyo TX-8555 stereo reciever. The comfort level is the best i've ever felt. If not for the noisey environment am in i would use them all the time instead of the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro etc or speakers.
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