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Excellent Mid-Fi open shells

A Review On: Audio Technica ATH-AD700

Audio Technica ATH-AD700

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Dev Avidon
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Pros: Excellent imaging, decent detail, relatively neutral, good soundstage, FREAKISHLY COMFORTABLE!!!!

Cons: A little bass-light, can be somewhat harsh/tinny depending on source

This is usually my recommendation for newbies looking for open shells in this price range.  They are easy to drive, with excellent imaging and good detail, reasonably neutral reproduction and they are, simply put, THE most comfortable headphones on the planet (the only disclaimer being that the two ladies with smaller heads I recommended these to said they were a little too big).  You hardly even notice that you're wearing them.  I could work for these for hours.  As I noted in the cons, they can feel a little harsh/tinny in the mid-highs and high registers, depending on the source.  They're pretty easy to drive as well, I think these are some of the least amp-sensitive open shells I know of.  What these are NOT is a basshead's dream.  The bass is pretty weak and they don't really have the kind of "oomph," as it were, to make them suitable for anything other than music listening.  That said, for the likes of Jazz or Classical, they're an excellent choice.  Oh, and did I mention they are freakishly comfortable?

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Do u Recommend This Or Hd518 or Grado sr80i
Music : Rock & Metal ,,, Hd Movies
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