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Quick impression from a basshead's point of view



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This is a quick impression from a basshead's point of view. I'm writing this because there's almost ZERO info on these headphones, and because I don't speak audiophile, this will be a quick.





Like I said, I'm a proud basshead but I do occasionally listen to music with little bass. I knew when I got these they're gonna be bass lite and indeed they are. They do a decent job on country and indie rock, but using them for dubstep, EDM or RAP is something no one should do.  


I originally bought these for gaming and movies on my tablets, and they sounded great when using it for that purpose.


Value - The value got 5 stars because I got these for $29 shipped


Audio Quality - I gave the audio quality 4 stars because they do sound pretty good with non bassy music and they are great for movies and gaming. 


Design - Design got 3.5 star because they look silly when on your head. I wouldn't wear these in public. The build quality is pretty good though.


Comfort - Easily one of most comfortable headphones I've owned. I had zero problems with the wings and my head is pretty small..... I think?


Overall - Solid 4 stars for non basshead. Bass junkie should stay away.



The reason why I bought the AD300 instead of the the more popular AD700 is because (1) it was damn cheap $29.99 shipped (2) was suppose to have a little more bass than the AD700 and (3) it's smaller and didn't have that fugly purple grill.



I love these things. I don't have time to listen to them as much as i'd like, but I feel they're worth up to $80. I got my pair for $35 with ship-to-store from Wal-mart. IMO they have fuller sounding mids than the AD700, less treble and more bass. They also fit better than the AD700. I think they must have been severely under-appreciated because I believe audio technica discontinued them. Perfect for gaming but the soundstage isn't as large. Oh yeah..someone once pointed out that they're a bit harder to drive than the AD700.
I don't normally buy these type of headphones because the lacking bass is a real turn off for me, but the AD300 does a great job of what I want it to do, movies and games.
My tablet didn't have too much problem driving these but I do have to it up to about 90%.
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