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A Review On: Audio-Technica ATH-AD2000

Audio-Technica ATH-AD2000

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Pros: Clarity, speed, overall tightness

Cons: slightly tight clamp

I have these, driven by a Ratoc mid-fi DAC/Amp (50.000 Yen), listening to FLAC 24/96 or upscaled 12/44.


I can compare them to the W1000X which I also purchased recently, to the AD900 and to the AD700. Most of my impressions AD900 are the review for those cans. 


I can say that the AD2000 are by far the best headphones I have listened to so far. They are not nearly as airy and whispery sounding as the AD900/AD700 but are very forward, aggressive and fast. As far as I can tell they are also superior in almost any aspect to the W1000X. It could be the strong clamp (which can be alleviated by bending them a bit, no harm done) but they just sound unbelievably tight, tight, tight!


I thought I could never understand the term of speed regarding headphones but these are really different. They don't share the sometimes piercing high frequency problems of the W1000X but stay very evenly loud along the frequencies. 


That being said I think their aggressiveness, while giving a very dynamic listeing experience, might be a little fatiguing for people who prefer a laid back sound. 


I think these cans excel at almost any genre but are particularly suited for electronic and classical music. Given their speed they might work very well for rock/metal as well. I think I would actually prefer the W1000X (equalized) for Jazz recordings as their sound is a lot more relaxed and laid back. I can not imagine myself listening uninterrupted for a long time with the AD2000. Also, having my ears touching the drivers is quite uncomfortable so I might upgrade these with some sort of mod or maybe even other pads.

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Nice review, I am a w1000x owner and I have to remind you not to compare open cans to closed ones as open cans will almost always sound better since they are well open xD non the less those sound amazing :O although for open cans I really do prefer the Byerdynamic House Sound [and price] and I still love my w1000x for it's luch vocals, not sure I'd want an open mid heavy can though [since I like the closed resonace] ... still who knows I might end up with it anyways <3. Still nice review good to hear it's got those lush w1000x vocals but comparing closed and open is like comparing Apples to omg PEARS xD
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