Poor support system means other considerations are irrelevant

A Review On: Audio Technica ATH-A900X | Art Monitor Headphones (Japan Import)

Audio Technica ATH-A900X | Art Monitor Headphones (Japan Import)

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Cons: Ineffective 3D wing support system means they're not suitable even for home use

I owned the original A900 for many years, it was a fantastic headphone. After it was stolen I ordered the A900X from AudioCubes in Japan, slightly nervous because I'd read of problems with the new 3D wing system.


I was dismayed when the A900X headphones arrived that the widely reported problems with the wing system were true. The only thing holding them to my head (slightly smaller than average) was the low to moderate clamping force, the 3D wing provided no support at all. Sitting entirely still they stayed in place, but as soon as I moved at all in my seat they slid down. Before long they ended up resting on my ears, which is uncomfortable. Putting a rubber band between the two wings mitigated the problem, but was too ugly IMHO, and you shouldn't need to fix brand new $200 headphones. They were returned to AudioCubes who sent them to Audio Technica for repair, but I was told they worked as designed.


I never even listened to the headphones, as if they don't sit on your head properly there's no point. I'm sure they sound fantastic, like the original A900.


I recommend against these headphones on the basis of poor design and support.


Yeh those AT wings suck, seems the people's head AT modelled the support design off have big heads.
A rubber band or a few hair ties fixes the issue...
Yes a rubber band did make it much better, but as I said in my review a $200 headphone shouldn't need a rubber band (which looks stupid btw) to fix them.
Pff o really, how about having a $500 dollar w1000x with a rubber band on it lol. Thank gawd I got my w1000x to fit after like a week of bending the head band. Makes me realived, I must have a big head as I never had to use a rubber band. And they sound AWESOME <3
I don't think its fair to give a headphone 1 star just because of the support system. The fit is personal, and even some of the best headphones out there people have ended up not liking the support system. At first I hated it, but now I have gotten used to it.
I prefer the wing system of the AD700 than these which are noticeably weaker. I'll still keep them but will try adding a hair tie.
The wings might not work for you, but you didn't even listen to them? You can't really review a headphone without telling how it sounds, you simply said they wouldn't stay on so you returned them. You should have at least listened to them and given us an honest opinion on their sound, your review very incomplete and effects the average rating in an unfair way.
Wow, what a stunted review. Doesn't even touch on the sound quality, and because of that, it drags the overall average down. Bravo.