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A Review On: Audio Technica ATH-A900X | Art Monitor Headphones (Japan Import)

Audio Technica ATH-A900X | Art Monitor Headphones (Japan Import)

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Pros: Huge Soundstage! Great Detail, Clarity, Imaging, and Instrument Seperation. Very Balanced!

Cons: Some may not like the fit, others (such as me) find these some of the most comfortable headphones.


  • Treble: The treble is awesome. The high notes aren't sharp or sibilant, they just sound effortless.
  • Mid-Range: The midrange is a strong part of the A900Xs. Male and Female vocals sound warm and rich, but don't overpower the treble or the bass.
  • Bass: The bass is tight and controlled. That is not to say its bad, I think its very good. For people who want boomy bass, this isn't for them. But for most people, it has a very nice, controlled, but still full bass.
  • Soundstage: The soundstage is incredible. On well-mastered tracks you can hear the sound coming at you from all directions! I've never heard headphones with a better soundstage. If you game, this headphones are awesome due to their wide soundstage. You can always tell where the sounds are coming from (even footsteps!).
  • Instrument Separation: The separation is also fabulous. Because of the wide soundstage and the headphones overall tendency to make every single detail heard with great clarity, you can always pick out the individual instruments.
  • Detail: The A900Xs are very detailed. You can hear the snap in percussion and the cutoffs in singing. My brother was using my computer one night to watch baseball highlights and he turned to me and said "Wow these headphones are awesome!." And I said "How can you tell? All you did was watch baseball." He replied "Yeah but just the sound of the ball cracking against the bat was incredible." Seriously, even the hand snaps in the song I'm listening to right now are incredible! And the consonants in singing sound crisp.



       I love the fit and I have a very large head. They are very comfortable for hours of gaming, but they do take a day or two to get used to. The suspension wings work very well once you get used to      them.

Build Quality

       While they don't look amazing, they seem to be built very well. They have already taken plenty of drops onto my carpeted floor without any issues.


       I got these for $140 due to a sale and a promo code, which was an absolute steal. Two days later they were back up to $170. At the time of writing this review, they are $236 on amazon (which may be because amazon itself is out of stock), but it still seems like a fair price because of the headphones these are compared to.


You will like these headphones if:

  • You want accurate and detailed reproduction of the sound, without a bias to one particular range.
  • You love vocals. I use these headphones mainly to listen to choral music, and many headphones have trouble separating the voice parts in lets say a men's chorus because all the parts overlap in their ranges. But due to the massive soundstage and their ability to bring out details, you can pick out individual voices very well. Even if you don't listen to choral singers, solo vocalists also sound amazing. Many other reviewers agree with me on these headphones vocal abilities as well as audio technica's reputation for having beautiful vocals.

You will NOT like these headphones if:

  • You want a "fun" headset to play rock or pop with lots of bass and emphasis on particular ranges. These are a more laid back pair of headphones, although that is not to say they are veiled. They reproduce the sound accurately, rather than emphasizing certain parts of a song.

To see more reviews:

     Go look at the reviews on amazon. About 10 of the 20 some reviewers said the A900Xs were better than the M50s and five others said they were better than the DT880s!


I'll be honest here, bass is something that could be EQ'd with these headphones. I wasn't able to EQ the mids or treble AT ALL because the a900x already has the slight forwarded fun sound. As for the bass, +30db in the frequencies less than 60 hertz is a must! The combination of 53mm drivers, the mid bass hump, 5hz bass extension really drives some thumping bass. I never thought punchy bass boost would be more fun than sub bass boost.
Although I like the factory sound, I will agree with you. I have tried messing around with EQing the bass and it certainly will help people obtain that fun, punchy bass.