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They're blue!

A Review On: Audio-Technica ATH-A900 Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-A900 Headphones

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Pros: Neato blue color, great build quality, comfort, decent sound for closed phones.

Cons: Uhhh... they're really, really blue... dissapointing bass response

Sound is only a little better than average at best.


Treble: Analytical sounding and a little bright for my tastes, a little fatiguing, liquid though lacking absolute detail, some air, compressed sound stage.


Mids: On the thin side, but fairly detailed and liquid, lacks defining punch and rich tonality. Voices sound good but lack that palpable richness of say, HD 600's.


Bass: For headphones the size of sliced grapefruits these surprise with their less than ideal bass extension. The bass they do have is decent though, not boomy, well controlled but not particularly detailed.


Overall sound: Well, I gave them to my girlfriend and she likes them well enough and uses them at her desk job.


They're quite comfortable, perfect for long listening sessions.


They isolate pretty well.


They look ridiculous after you get over the wow, shiny blue metal phase.


After factoring in the superb build quality, high comfort, and decent looks if you like the color, these are not bad for $170. I'd hesitate to pay more though.


Wait, so they lack detail, compressed sound stage, are thin, lack richness, are anemic and are only suitable for the girlfriend at her desktop... and you give them higher than average marks? Sounds like a waste of $170 the way you describe it.
Well, they're comfortable, which matters for me, and for anyone using them for hours at work, and they isolate enough to drown out computer noise at reasonable volumes. They're also made of metal and anodized blue, which some people like. I was kind of joking about the color, seriously, they look pretty cool, just a tad ostentatious on ones head is the main issue there. They're quite large so again, ostentatious and underwhelming bass.
In my view 3 stars is average. 2.5 stars is passing with D. 2 is fail. Anything below 2 didn't show up for class...
Also, it's a closed design so there will be compromises in sound here, you can't get away from it! I think the HD 448's are a better deal sonically, but the build quality there is night and day. The ATH 900's have superb build quality.
I updated the review to be a bit more specific and hopefully communicate more subtlety of opinion.
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