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Audio-Technica AIR Dynamic Headphones ATH-AD900X Reviews


Real "audiophile" headphone, love it!


Pros: Sound, design, no removable cable

Cons: no removable cable

History I'm a audiophile wannabee since I was 10 years. Worked in a hifi shop for 12 years and listened to quite a few systems, mainly higher end. I own at the moment a modest set consisting of a Marantz PM17mk2 and Tannoy DM 700 speakers and a Marantz SA11. As I have small children at the moment I do not have much time or chance to listen as much music as I like. One of the reasons is that when they sleep I cannot seriously listen to music as it will wake them up.  As I was not a fan of headphones I never payed much attention to them. But given the circumstances I decided recently to have a look for one, so I could listen to my beloved music again. I should also...
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Fantastic entry-level headphones--clear, natural Sound and don't need an amp at all


Pros: Aggressive but not harsh presentation, bass impact, natural mids, unique and large soundstage, no amp needed

Cons: Some grain and not the most resolving

Background and listening experience: I bought these as a complementary headphone for my ZMF Vibros. I wanted something open and I've been curious about Audio Technica for a while. In the past, I've owned the MDR-V6, DT-990 Pro, Q701, and HE-400. Listening was done straight off my laptop as well as through my Concero to Ember desktop setup.  Overall: I'm very pleased with these headphones for the price. I would not hesitate to recommend these to anyone making a first headphone purchase, as long as you are not looking for monster bass. The fact that they can reach 99% of their full potential without an amp makes them a particularly practical choice. The AD-900x is a clean, open...
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Great sound stage with beautiful airyness!


Pros: Sound stage is super wide, Punchy Bass, Sparkly highs, really detailed!

Cons: Without the rubber band mod they're kinda uncomfortable, not for bass heads

Let me start be addressing the "le no base XD" ... No these cans are definitely not for bass heads by any means (so they could use a bit for for those who mainly listen to things such as dubstep or really bassy rap and what not) but these headphones can definitely produce nice, sharp and clean bass! To get a bit more bass I read in another review here that they can be EQ'd very nicely (I just haven't tried quite yet seeing as I'm very pleased)   The highs on these headphones are very sparkly and beautiful! Female vocals are astounding (I love to listen to Lorde on these headphones!)  The mids are also very clear and crisp.    The sound stage is very wide as you...
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Excellent value, good representation of the ATH AD sound


Pros: Crispy highs, wide soundstage, great with vocals

Cons: Lacking bass impact, highs can be slightly fatiguing, can be picky with genre

Note: This headphone is for music that does not rely heavily on bass for enjoyment; it doesn’t have that body at the lower end that is for that genre. If you listen to mainstream pop a lot, these are likely not for you. These headphones are not all rounder headphones like the HD558 which can sound good with everything but does not wow me in ways the AD900X can.   These headphones do not have that metallic sheen over the upper midrange and highs like the AD700 which turned me off. That was the least enjoyable aspect for the AD700, not sure if it is fixed on the AD700X .   First thing I thought was that these headphones lacked dynamics when I put them on because they sound...
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Audio Technica ATH AD900X Firey Little Tart


Pros: Spacious airy sound, fantastic bass, sound stage and imaging

Cons: Slides a little, to little decay, aggressive, terible with lossy

  Audio Technica  ATH AD900X {$180 Used} {$299 New}   Personal Back-Story     I recently emailed Mr. Doris a Public relations professional with Audio- Technica U.S., INC. I would first of all like to thank him for allowing me to do this review as well as for his great communication with me! Non the less, I’ve been doing reviews for about a year now and wanted to apply my trade toward a great cause and do a more professional review.  So I emailed Mr. Dorris to see if I could do a review for Audio-Technica U.S and he graciously agreed. My interest in the ATH AD900x is rooted in my love for open back headphones, as a happy owner of the Beyerdynamic...
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Great headphone, Can use it for hours without fatigue


Pros: Very comfortable (best part for me), Good sound quality

Cons: Cheap cable

My personal thoughts on audio hardware When I heard these headphones, I wasn't blown away at all. But headphones never did this with me, and in my opinion, all headphones sounds kinda the same anyway. When I heard the LCD-2, my thoughts were, sure these sound kinda good I guess. but yeah... not anywhere near a crystal clear difference compared to any decent but not expensive headphone. With an EQ you can make all headphones sounds similar.      If you never bought high end headphones, and finally get them in the mail, after you read all those amazing reviews.      and you finally put them on..... Its just gonna be sound, it sure won't sound...
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Wonderful sound and soundstage


Pros: Great soundstage; good, balanced sound; VERY open (can be a con for some); sexy-looking pair!

Cons: Non-removable cable that can slightly irritate your shoulder; some buzzing when using my amp at low voltage;

I'll start off by saying I am by no means an audiophile, just a kid with some money and a passion for music.   These headphones, as far as I can tell, have more prominent mids than most headphones. They really bring out vocals and instruments, but the highs aren't too harsh like most pairs, and the low/bass frequencies are there as well. For an open pair, I'm surprised by the bass. It's nothing like a closed pair, but the bass has impact nonetheless. A very balanced (and amazing-sounding sound) overall!   If you have a closed pair of headphones and you'd like to imagine how much these leak, get an open pair of headphones and hold them off your head. They isolate literally no...
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Audio Technica have done a brilliant job with the ATH-AD900x


Pros: Audio quality, comfort, easy to drive (38-ohm), nice looking albeit large

Cons: Made of lots of plastic parts, cable not replaceable

Having a V-Moda Crossfade LP2 for a while now and very impressed with its sound quality and comfort as closed-back headphones, I was looking for a set of open-backs for certain genres of music that the LP2 does not deliver too well: live music and slow rock. For some reason live music just sound too much like studio recording and Bon Jovi's tracks like Always sounds too restricted.   After doing a bit of research, I came across the AD range from Audio Technica. I have had the opportunity to audition the AD300 and whilst I love the openness of these cans (compared to the LP2, especially for the above-mentioned genres), I couldn't listen to the AD300 for too long as the treble was...
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Pros: sound quality, sound stage, comfortability, light weight

Cons: not adjustable to fit my head so it slips downwards a bit, as many others have reported

New to headphone hobby/obsession, but i am loving it with these bubs!   Just a quickie on the stars: half-star off because it's not really adjustable for head-size unless using a rubberband or shoelace like many others have said.  Quarter-star off because it doesn't have enough bass for my taste.  Quarter-star off because the design is...not pretty.  Sorry if you don't like my taking off a star due to my personal preference.  Also a side-comment: someone said unboxing this was anti-climactic....I quite agree.   Being a newbie here with barely any technical experience and more of consumer-joy experience, I wasn't quite sure I fully understood what anyone...
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Excellent detail, Excellent price


Pros: Beautiful sound, solid design

Cons: Un-boxing is a little anti-climactic, Felt a little loose until rubber band mod, No removable Cable

Today I went into my local headphone store with a mission to find a set of headphones to pair with my iBasso DX50. I had been running with a pair of UE6000's up until this point but felt I wasnt getting as much as I should be from my DAP so I took it in to find something it played well with. These were the first pair that the helpful chap behind the counter suggested to me when I told him the range of music I listen to. Not wanting to cheat myself I decided to pit it against the Beyerdynamic DT880, AiAi TMA-1 Studio Young Guru and the Shure SRH 940's.   Being a Audiophile Padawan I had trouble describing how and why I made the choice I did. Against the ATH-AD900x's the DT880's felt...
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