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A Review On: Audio-technica AIR Dynamic Headphones Ath-ad1000x

Audio-technica AIR Dynamic Headphones Ath-ad1000x

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Pros: Excellent build quality, comfortable, airy soundstage, mid colouration beautiful for female vocals

Cons: Bass still not linear, may lack transparency for some

The below review is a summary of a full comparison of the AD1000X to the AD900X and Sony MA900 found here:


I also made a Youtube review of the AD1000X. If you like the video check out my channel for more reviews! :)







The AD1000X has fantastic build quality with a magensium alloy frame. The 3D wing design is comfortable, though it does not work for everyone's head. The AD1000X features angled velour earpads that are quite comfortable. The angle helps the headphones conform to the shape of the skull. The AD1000X has a double entry cable unlike the AD900X. I actually prefer single entry cables but from a balanced channel design standpoint I suppose this is a good thing.



The AD1000X is actually quite different in signature from the AD900X, and in many ways reminds me of a less extreme version of the AD2000 (which was beautiful but could sound honky and grainy at times). First off, the AD1000X does not have the same sense of transparency that the AD900X has. It sounds immediately like a headphone that has been tweaked for a particular signature, with particular emphasis on two sections: an upper bass peak that gives everything a sense of solidity and punch, as well as a lower treble peak that emphasises the breathiness of female vocals and gives everything an emotive and exciting tone. To me the AD1000X has a beautiful and engaging tuning, and actually sounds a little less clinical and dry than the AD900X. It’s liquid and extended (but never harsh). What is also very immediately obvious is that the AD1000X does not have the same incoherency that the AD900X could have at times. The AD1000X sounds laser beam clean, and things just pop and burst on the soundstage. 
I think the AD1000X is a pretty fantastic package, though it is definitely classic Audio Technica with a tuning that may not appeal to everyone. It sounds clean without sounding boring, and has great build quality to boot. For the current Amazon Japan pricing I would strongly recommend it to anyone after an airy, atmospheric and exciting headphone!

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Hey, ive watched most of your reviews in the past two weeks as i go around in circles trying to find a pair best suited for my needs. :)

I want an open-designed headphone with a wide and detailed soundstage that will allow me to hear footsteps, background noise etc in movies and gaming


for music purposes it needs to be clean sounding and detailed for male vocals.

Do the ATH-AD1000X Fit the bill, or is there another option i should be looking at?
Cheers, Ryan