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A Review On: audio-technica AIR Dinamic Headphone ATH-AD2000X (Japan Import)

audio-technica AIR Dinamic Headphone ATH-AD2000X (Japan Import)

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Pros: Amazingly detailed, yet rich sound with tight, audible bass

Cons: Not quite as comfy as the older AD-2000s

These are everything you'd expect from a flagship headphone, only MORE, because some flagships have come to disappoint me, even from the more expensive brands. In a lot of markets, I find there is often one brand that stands out as cheaper yet better, and in headphones, I think it's Audio-Technica. I should say I've not heard any planar-magnetic headphones, so I'm not comparing with the BEST. But comfort, sound, and price wise, you can't go past the ATH-AD range, and this is the top of the lot.


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