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Great value in a desktop DAC/amp

A Review On: Audinst HUD-MX1

Audinst HUD-MX1

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Pros: Powerful amp, (USB) DAC sounds nice, Versatile connections, Very good value

Cons: None really for the price

I have been researching a more potent amp for my desktop system and all I have to say is Wow! I just plugged the MX1 into my office system for the first time and I am very impressed. The amp section is robust enough to drive my HD650 in a similar (not quite as refined) fashion as my Schiit Lyr in my main system. Great extension in the bass with solid mid, airy and extended top end indicating a respectable DAC stage to go with the powerful amp. And I can easily switch between HP and desktop speaker out with the RCA line out on the back panel. Overall I give it a 4 out of 5.


I'm glad you're enjoying the Audinst MX-1. I found that I didn't really like the sound I was getting from it on my HD580s, that it was flat and tonally uninteresting. Knowing what the 580s can do, I parted with mine (and now you have it!) I'm both interested and surprised in your discoveries that it drives the HD650s well, I think that it might have just been a poor pairing for the 580s. Having owned one (in fact, the same unit that was reviewed here) I can definitely say that its a versatile component in any head-fier's toolkit and it SCREAMS with lower OHMage cans (my Shure 840s sounded FANTASTIC on the Audinst MX-1, and my RE-0s sounded pretty good too!)
Wow is it ever versatile! I use it at work as a DAC/headamp with my HD555's.
Sounds very good although not "excellent". I'm not a big fan of the "opamp sound".
At home the MX1 is used as a USB to Toslink bridge/converter. The Tenor chip it uses is just the ticket for this.
The MX1 feeds the SPDIF optical input of my Neko DAC. The sound from my Stax is superlative.
This little electronic wonder is worth every penny spent! (~$180)
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