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Audinst HUD-MX1

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Pros: Decent build quality

Cons: Static/Noise 50+% of the time

Way overhyped...nice build quality for a small piece of equipment. but that is honestly the only positive thing I have to say about the Mx1. 


Customer service is slow to respond and does not resolve issues. Constant static out of headphone jack.  Tried numerous headphones, made changes to setting, etc. it did not go away.


Even when there was no static, it sounded exactly the same as both of my laptop headphone jacks.






Clearly your Mx1 isnt working as intended. You could try few things: 1 ) Try removing all other USB devices 2 ) Try Mx1 in other computer/laptop.
If your Mx1 still give static you just have to keep contacting Audinst support.
Yea it sounds like you have a damaged product or some form of software malfunction.
Mine have not had any of these problem and SQ is leagues above a laptop out.
My Audinst has been working perfectly ever since I got it. Definitely looks like you received a bum unit - like Sweden says, the SQ out of the DAC is clearly better than my laptop's headphone port
I have not had any problem with my MX1. I really hope you can get it working because it makes a really great DAC. Good Luck.
I have tested today live mx1 live switching via RCA to my laptop's Realtek HD Audio on Creative Gigaworks T40 speakers and it barely sounds the same. (100% vol Rtk vs 80% vol. mx1). Mids a little recessed and little more dynamic on the Audinst but somehow I like better onboard. With Sennheiser eh-350 headphones it sounds very similar too, the Audinst barely more power to spare but same sound signature.
It works well but it's a bit let down to me. My gear is not high end but it should notice. Or maybe my onboad sound is too decent.. :)
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