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Nice entry level product, brings considerable boost to sound quality vs price paid

A Review On: Audinst HUD-mini

Audinst HUD-mini

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Pros: Affordable, full sounding instruments, compact

Cons: overall none

I am new to headfi and i apologise if review is not very helpful.


This entry level dac-amp is quiet a deal from audinst.


Disclaimer: I am currently building my rig and have only entry level models, Sennheiser HD448, Audio Technica WS55 to evaluate this amp. I will update this review after using much better cans with it (will probably start a thread as am confused).


As one might expect, entry level cans sound almost same regardless source quality. As I found out, this is simply not the case with HD448 and ATH WS55 that I mentioned above. Am using lossless from my laptop to this amp via USB.


I would rather not comment on its sound signature as this is my first amp, but I believe all frequencies have received considerable boost is sound quality. Bass is tight and well defined, treble has sparkle and detail, mids are rounded and lush. All this in comparison with my on board sound card and sony discman. All instruments are better separated and are individually well defined.


Overall I urge you to try this product if you are using onboard sound or portable device to drive your cans. Its affordable and brings enough to the table so that you can never go back to those sources.


One con I would like to mention in comparison to my on board sound card is, it does not sound very open. Instruments are well separated but overall soundstage seems narrow. Will update review with more use.


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