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Audeze LCD3 Planar Magnetic Headphone Reviews

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Audeze's open flagship


Pros: Heavy & powerful bass, very full mid-range

Cons: Lack of clarity & musical dynamics, moderate scale, physically heavy & uncomfortable

Originally published on February 6, 2012   Note: this review is an exact cross-post from post #1 of this thread on Head-Fi, which contains some user discussion on the review that may be relevant to read: http://www.head-fi.org/t/594426/mini-review-audeze-lcd-3-vs-lcd-2-r2-sr-007-et-al - download a printable 5-page PDF version of this review (right-click the link & save target) - download a printable 5-page PDF version of the notes that were written for this review (right-click the link & save target). The notes should be considered a supplement and not a replacement for this review (as the review is not straight from the notes).   Intro This is basically a mini-,...
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REVIEW – Audeze LCD-3 planar magnetic headphones


Pros: World-class sound

Cons: expensive

REVIEW – Audeze LCD-3 planar magnetic headphones   Introduction:   The announcement was a well-kept secret, and it hit the head-fi community like a ton of bricks.  Audeze was coming out with a new headphone, the LCD-3, which would feature a new driver, new pads, slightly uprated cosmetics, and would cost $1,950 – roughly double what the popular LCD-2 cost.  Explosions ensued.  There were lots of people very upset about the much higher price.  I was intrigued.  I sought out a pair at CanJam, and having liked what I heard in what was admittedly a very difficult environment to judge open headphones, I asked Alex from Audeze if I could get a review...
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A Nearly Perfect Headphone


Pros: Not fatiguing, build quality, timbre, bass,

Cons: A bit too dark for my tastes, can sound congested sometimes, heavy weight, now I want to buy an LCD2

First off, before I begin this review, I would like to give a big thank you to the guys over at Audeze and Burson Audio for letting me demo their Conductor SL & LCD3. This review would not have been possible if it wasn't for their generosity. Stay tuned for a Conductor SL review soon.   Comfort/Build: Very good, the LCD3 does a good job at evenly distributing the weight around your head so that no specific area has more pressure on it causing fatigue. The lambskin earpads are very plush. This, coupled with modest padding towards the top of the headband offers you fair resistance against the heavy weight, which is the only comfort problem for me. The LCD3s feel well built in the...
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The best headphones I've heard to date


Pros: Excellent sublimely smooth sound throughout, cool design, made in the USA

Cons: A bit heavy and bulky, expensive.

These are simply the best sounding headphones I have ever owned (and I've owned and sold a lot of them). They are sublimely smooth, yet detailed without the least bit of harshness at all in the highs. You can really notice this in the vocals which when compared to other headphones, which sound a lot smoother and less thin or grainy. These have a very good bass presence although they are not bass head headphones. I would actually before a bit more bass as I'm a bit of a bass head myself although I've been able to get these to sound how I like them by adding a bit of bass boost via my eq settings. The mids are very smooth and tube-like while the treble is very articulate yet imparts no...
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The Best Tonality of All Time


Pros: Bass Quality, perfect coloration

Cons: weight, upper region, stereo imaging width

    A preview spot for my LCD-3 review coming soon.     This review will be extensive, in depth and as thorough as possible.   I don't want to bore you with specification and details in the beginning of this review, you can read the details afterward.  That is just how I roll.  #likeaboss     The End Credits Every once in a while, the audio deities bestow upon us a very special product.  Praise worthy of the highest order, shining bright upon the summit of Mt. Audiophile.  No question or doubts in my mind that no other manufacturer of Hi-Fi products has been able to take over the Audiojunky community so effectively,...
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The only good thing about the LCD3 is sound quality


Pros: Sound quality, Audeze customer support and more comfortable than expected!

Cons: Build quality and Value.

I am not a professional reviewer or anything so I'll just write a few words. I originally had a HD650 which I sold to buy the Audeze LCD3. The LCD3 is by far the best sounding headphone I have ever heard. It sounds amazing. I'm not happy with the build quality of the headphones. Considering that I paid $2000 I was expecting something built like a tank lolol but they are beautifully built! In terms of value they are not worth $2000 unless you think it's worth paying that much for the amazing sound quality. I think it should cost no more than $1400 if you compare it to the LCD2. In terms of comfort they are relatively comfortable but they get very uncomfortable if used for a long...
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