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The Best Tonality of All Time

A Review On: Audeze LCD3 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Audeze LCD3 Planar Magnetic Headphone

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Pros: Bass Quality, perfect coloration

Cons: weight, upper region, stereo imaging width




A preview spot for my LCD-3 review coming soon.  


This review will be extensive, in depth and as thorough as possible.   I don't want to bore you with specification and details in the beginning of this review, you can read the details afterward.  That is just how I roll.  #likeaboss



The End Credits

Every once in a while, the audio deities bestow upon us a very special product.  Praise worthy of the highest order, shining bright upon the summit of Mt. Audiophile.  No question or doubts in my mind that no other manufacturer of Hi-Fi products has been able to take over the Audiojunky community so effectively, efficiently and as quickly as Audeze has.  Seemingly overnight, the LCD-2 won the hearts and ears of the majority of those who listened to it.  A while back, decades in Audiophile years, the LCD-3 was released. To the shock and dismay of most of the other headphones out there, they had swiftly taken over the pack as The Alpha.  The Audeze LCD-3 experience is nothing short of incredible.  From top to bottom, no other headphone in existence that I've ever listened to has been able to sucker punch me with that much class and style.  T.K.O.  Done.  I give up.  Audeze wins.
















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I've never known who was that on your avatar but now I know that was a little girl (I thought that was a little boy, ah but you can forget this thing). Nice and wait for your review. Look like you will have few amazing things to review, 24bit. After these two beautiful headphones maybe you will have a Alpha Dog waiting for you in this month. Keep up, man!
Couldn't have said it better myself. A super light cable on the Audezes makes a big difference in perceived weight.
I like to keep busy with reviews.  :)  
Wow, nice review, I love it.

And your comment is exactly what I hear from these wonderful tonality phones
Just a preview for now, I've a few reviews in queue on another website I write for.  Once they go live and after a few days, they will be copied here.  For now, the LCD-3 flavor and tone remains my absolute favorite...well, ever really.   Just the perfect amount of coloration without feeling overly dry, while remaining ever so gently warm on the low end.  Perfection.  If I had the ability to craft my own perfect headphone, the LCD-3's tonality and overall coloration would be what I would use.  It's "flavor" is highly appealing to me and I consider it second to none.  The Perfect mix of fun and Hi-Fi together.  
Very nice... I look forward to reading your review, and trying them out at the NYC head-fi meet. But why a 3/5?
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