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Simply my new favourite headphones

A Review On: Audeze LCD3 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Audeze LCD3 Planar Magnetic Headphone

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Pros: Best bass/mids I've heard and true to life sound

Cons: Not cheap, picky of upstream gear and not forgiving or poor sources

Here's a link to a wiki I wrote about the differences between the LCD-2r.2 and LCD-3s that pretty much sum up my thoughts quite well.




I've had them now for more than 3 months and they still get 80% of my head time. My HD800s/T1s/Ed.8s/HF-2s are sadly not getting the time they rightly deserve since the LCD-3s arrived. I was also able to sell my HE-6s as the improvements in soundstaging and air in the LCD-3s have made the HE-6s redundant in my collection.


Just a few more points, they (LCD-3s) are in fact much pickier of upstream gear than the LCD-2s (as both Skylab and Currawong have pointed out). A good case in point was the LCD-2/Lyr combination. I really liked the pairing very much, but the LCD-3s were quite a bit less synergistic. If I only had the Lyr, I would have been disappointed. But luckily I did have a WA22 (with the right tube combination) fed by my W4S DAC-2 on hand as well and WOW...what a pairing! I can also vouch for the GS-1 as well with the LCD-3s as they are a great match (for a SS option). Funny, I'm finding the LCD-3s as difficult to drive synergisticly as the HD800s. blink.gif


As well, some of my older rock and jazz recordings that sounded "nice" on my LCD-2 (r.1 and r.2), where significantly worse on my LCD-3s. I don't blame the LCD-3s for showing me what crappy music I was feeding them, but if your collection is substantially populated with poorer recordings and you want a headphone to make them sound better, I'd suggest you look elsewhere. The LCD-3s or HD800s will serve to reveal their flaws and take away from your enjoyment IMO.


Overall though, the LCD-3s are my favourite "go to" headphone three months later, long after the "new toy" luster has passed.

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I am agree with your opinion
LCD 3 is very picky with the source , luckily all my Music file in Imac are in WAV .
and for longterm listening i use Stello CDA 500 as my CD Player to serve my LCD 3.
I try many amp from portable to Desktop.
in my opinion :
Headamp : T + A Pre amp P 10.2
CDPlayer : Stello CDA 500 , can use as stand alone DAC to pair with my IMac.
Headphone : LCD 3 , LCD 2 rev 2, HD 800, T 1, HD 650 , ATH W 1000 X, Ultrasone ED 8 Ruthenium
My Set up above is good for allrounder Head Amp , specially to drive my LCD 3 and HD 800
Before i bought Headamp T + A P 10.2 . i had tried many amp like below
Portable amp was : IBasso D 6 and P 4 and Dzero and Desktop amp Beer A1 by Stereo Singapore , was not good , sound so muffled with the LCD 3 Demo there.
After that : I try Graham Slee Ultra Linear, Wa 6 SE , sound Quality from LCD3 is better compoare by Stereo Sinagpore
At the end i found T + A Pre Amp P 10.2 , until now is the best i ever heard to drive my LCD 3.
I also agree with Skylab that :CD3 is very NEUTRAL Headphone .
When your source and Head Amp are not good , come out from your LCD 3 also not good.
like my experiance above from IBasso to T+A P 10.2
Good luck for Head Fi friends, who own LCD 3 to hunting their Audio Gear.
Note : Only one Pre Amp from USA can drive my LCD 3 to the Best Sound Quality from LCD 3 is pair with Pre Amp from VIOLA
SOLO but the MSRP is 4 times my Pre Amp T + A P 10.2
Funny, both the LCD-2 r. 1 and r.2s were no where as picky as the LCD-3s.
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