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Audeze LCD2 Planar Magnetic Headphones Reviews


Nearest perfect headphone of mine so far..


Pros: Too much, see below..

Cons: Silghtly distant mids, Requires a powerful amp to sound all of its best, crap build of newest stock cable (adz6), comfort issue for long listening session

Pros of Audeze LCD-2 R2: 1. Midrange (natural, detail, seduction..->phenomenal mids makes even harshest rock or terrible mordern electronic pop sound super smooth and emotional/touchy but still full of energy) 2. Treble (oudstanding quality and natural treble, slightly lacks the quantity though) 3.Bass (Very detailed, fast, tight and powerful bass. Although I know it will be hard to implement this for such an open and top-tier hi-fi headphone, BUT a little more kick, impact, solid at mid-bass and bigger amount at sub-bass would become perfect ) 4. Good design and material (excepts the stock cable and tough pads) Compared headphones: few Denon, Beyer, grado, Sony fullsize...
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these headphones are


Pros: the sound quality will never fail you, perfect sync with anything you plug them into, durability is amazing

Cons: price, the size, weight,

these headphones are delicious. great look, unfailing sound reproduction.

Outstanding Headphones


Pros: Incredible bass, mids and treble. Excellent Design and construction quality. Hand Made in USA

Cons: Can get a tad uncomfortable if worn for more than 4 hours.

These are simply amazing. For a price far below it's competitors like the Sennheiser HD800 and the various Beyerdynamic models, there is nothing better than these.

First time listening to these amazing cans!!


Pros: Amazing clarity with great separation. Bass was very nice. Huge soundstage.

Cons: A bit heavy. Hard to pay $1000 for a pair of headphones. Requires a very nice amp.

I just had a chance to finally listen to these Audez'e LCD-2 headphones and must say that these were absolutely amazing. My local shop had it paired with the Schiit Lyr (not sure if these pair well together) and they sounded very nice. The soundstage and separation were top notch and the bass was deep and very present. When you actually get to see and wear these cans you can tell immediately that they are very high quality and built with the finest materials. They are a bit heavy but it didn't bother me in any way. It seems crazy to pay $1000usd for headphones but compared to the HD800 and HiFiMan HE-6 they seem to be a great value. Before I listened to these I would never pay that high...
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Just ok, but not the best!


Pros: Mids, treble, bass, unique design, wood

Cons: ,price for sound, slightly slow and tad bit muddy, decayed when listening to fast bpm music, weight, slightly rolled off highs

Purchased one of the later batches of the LCD2 rev.1's back in '2010' just few months before the rev.2 came out.   A quick review on these is that, they have a slightly dark sound signature, the bass on these are absolutely great but the bass extension and bass impact on these are good but not excellent (same applies to the LCD2 rev.2's which I will write a short comparison in a sec). The mids on this thing is absolutely nice for those who luster for a bit more clear vocal reproduction, an SS amp would benefit dearly over a tube amp, not to say that a tube amp pairs up badly with the LCD2's it depends on what you want with your overall music listening experience.  ...
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Very highly recommended


Pros: Organic tonality. Tight, deep, powerful bass. Great all-rounder. Solid, attractive build.

Cons: Heavy. Lacks that last bit of openness and delicacy.

A large, hefty bit of planar magnetic goodness. Wood, metal and leather construction is very nice. A bit heavy for prolonged use though, can cause discomfort on top of your head.  It has already been said. Fantastic bass that should appeal to everyone, a very smooth and full-bodied midrange and a pleasant, nonobtrusive natural sounding treble. Very refined with low distortion and high detail, if not quite as spectacular in this regard as electrostatics. Some may find them a little to the dark side, lacking that airy openness.  I think this is the best choice below $1000. I prefer them to most. 



Pros: ovreall balance, bass, naturalness, easy to drive

Cons: heavy, cable

ovreall balance, bass, naturalness, easy to drive

LCD2: They look great but comfort? Lacking.


Pros: Looks fantastic.

Cons: Comfort level is low and cable is stiff. Needs good pairing.

OK, this is a quick placeholder review.   I didn't have more than a couple of hours with these and they were sitting in good company.   Dac was a Metric Halo ULN2.   Stax O2 out of an exstata. HD800 out of a B22 and SPL Auditor.   First off, the LCD2 comfort level was AWFUL! It's stiff and clamps onto my average-sized head with such force I had to continually adjust it. I couldn't listen to it for more than 5 to 10 minutes. Such was the level of pain it inflicted on the side of my head.   The O2 and HD800 were spades ahead in comfort-level. The LCD2 cable, a starquad cable (a microphone cable I believe) was stiff and just got in the way.   Sound is arguably...
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