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Audeze LCD2 Planar Magnetic Headphones Reviews


The bold and beautiful. Solid bass, proper transient articulation and extension throughout the entire range.


Pros: Linear well-extend bass. Performs well in all ranges. A good upgrade for HD650 fans looking for more extended bass.

Cons: Comfort. A bit rolled off. A downgrade for an HD650 fan in terms of comfort and weight.

Liquid organic audio - the LCD2 Been meaning to get around to a full review of these for a while. I have attached some of my early impressions from a comparison thread in which I was able to isolate specific frequency ranges and found the LCD2s performance superior.   Since the time of that writing I acquired a Mayflower O2/ODAC which is a better match for the LCD2 than the JDS Labs C5D used in my initial tests. The C5D is still a credible performer but the the O2 felt just a bit more balanced, especially in the mid-range. For the sake of the tests, however, the C5D was able to help spot the differences in the various headphones.   Also, I've managed to go to another Head-Fi...
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Audeze LCD-2.2 Fazor Review


Pros: detail, 3D sound, sense of realism

Cons: tight vise grip on my head, you'll hear all the good and the BAD in recordings but that's not LCD-2's fault

This review would be from a NOOB point of view.  I'm doing this review because its a review I wish I had when I was 'outside looking in' at all these people on the forums talk about the sonic nirvana they achieved from all their hifi audio equipment.  So if i actually purchase these $1000 dollar headphones with some good amps and sources is it all worth the price and do they actually sound that much better from my el cheapo headphones i can get from best buy.   I'm like the average guy listening to stuff with equipment most people use: computer, phone, speakers from your car, headphones that come with your watever, etc.   This review will be for Audeze 2.2F with no...
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The dark side of music (LCD2 ver.2 non fazor)


Pros: Liquid smooth, tight powerful bass, so very beautiful

Cons: heavy, warming leather pads

Source:   Burson Audio AB160 Burson Audio HA160 Black Bliss DAC Sony NW-HD5 line out   Initial impression:   Good! Further update soon!

Headphone that make me wish I could use it regularly.


Pros: Deep bass, sweet dark sound , Natural timbre

Cons: Too Heavy and uncomfortable its unfair ! Needs a good headphone amp.

I'll write just  a short review about this headphone. Im not going wtite whats there in ever other review. Instead I'd do a comparison with another cheaper (but good) headphone that I own . Its not a fair comparison I know but worth a read.     I own a Sennheiser HD518  which is quite a good headphone which I regularly use everyday since it is very light , comfortable and has a wide soundstage.  Its not cheap but a lot cheaper than LCD2 ! The LCD2 is too heavy for me to use daily. Its really not fair that it should be this heavy !! My neck starts to hurt if I use it regularly and I cant really get lost inside the music for long because of the discomfort. ...
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LCD 2.2F


Pros: Tactility, speed, imaging, comfort, unique presentation

Cons: lacks aggression, over emphasized lower mids, sub bass

  Review LCD 2 Rev 2.2 Fazor   Big thanks to head fi member jodgey4 for allowing me the chance to demo the LCD 2.2F!      To start with the comfort of the LCD 2 with Vegan Pads was very good! The headband and ePads distributed the weight of the headphones very nicely, despite rumors of the Audeze cans being "too heavy to wear" I found them to very comfortable and the weight didn't bother me. Of course, some of you may be more sensitive to weight than I am.   As far as the sound goes, the overall profile of the LCD 2 REV 2.2 Fazor    Was warm, good sense of tactility and speed,  yet still a touch laid back. Easy to...
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Audeze LCD-2 + Fazer


Pros: Imaging, inviting mids, smooth highs, deep bass, comfortable

Cons: expensive

Hello everyone, I just received my Audeze LCD-2 on 6/16/2014 and figured I'd make a review about it, so here goes nothing.   They're the LCD-2 revision 2.2 with fazors is the correct terminology I believe, some people call them revision 3.     Some pictures before we get started:                 Previous headphone experience & time spent with them:   Hifiman HE-500 (3 weeks) AD900X (1 year)   HD800: ~5-10 minutes LCD-3 ~10-20 minutes     First off, lets talk about build quality & build "luxury" so to speak:   Everything feels insanely high quality, (and is for that matter) it's...
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Just love them


Pros: Tight defined bass, everything presnted at the right level

Cons: None

My wife bought me a pair as a present because I love to listen to headphones. I was shocked at how much better these sounded than anything I have ever owned before. Not only am I impressed with the sound quality, but I actually find I listen to and enjoy them very much at lower volumes than I typically listen to my headphones. Just seems I do not have to turn the volume way up to hear the bass and trebles. The full range of sound comes through crisp and with a strong presence even at low volumes. Plus the sound stage is incredible. The construction is very robust. They are much heavier than most headphones, but not enough to be an issue and I listen to them for hour on end. I have...
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The best headphones I've ever heard


Pros: Beautifully built, addictive sound, natural tonality, easy to listen to for hours at a time

Cons: They are heavy, some people might find them too dark

A review of the Audeze LCD-2 Revision 2 Headphones   A bit about where I started in this hobby to where I've come.   About 5 years ago I brought myself a home theatre system it was made up of a cheap Accusound 5.1 speaker package, a Pioneer receiver and a Yamaha DVD player. For a few months I really enjoyed this setup; to me, at the time, I didn't know better. One day I called in to my fathers place and noticed he was playing some music on his old Technics Hi-Fi from the early 80s. I cant remember if I immediately noticed it or not, but I realised his old fairly cheap system from the 80s could actually project sound in to the room, at the time I didn’t know it but what I...
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Outstanding sound, and amazing value.


Pros: Made in America, attention to detail, great value especially when on sale.

Cons: Some comfort issues

Intro   My hifi journey started 2 years ago with a pair of Sennheiser hd598s and an Asus Xonar Essence Stx sound card. A modest entry, but I have spent a lot of money trying to recapture that wow factor. This was a headphone that I initially bought for gaming, but rekindled my passion for music.    I was lucky enough to pickup a set of LCD 2's for black Friday prices, and received a rosewood upgrade for free. Many thanks to HeadAmp for this wonderful deal. I consider the LCD2's to be an incredible value for a number of reasons I hope to explain throughout the review. The attention to detail, and engineering is truly second to none.    Note: I have the LCD2...
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Excellent Headphone — Probably Near Endgame


Pros: Amazing overall sound, especially bass and mids

Cons: Cumbersome and heavy; weakest part is highs

The LCD-2s are an excellent headphone. I had the LCD-2s Rev. 1s and the Rev. 2s. In this review, I will be talking about the Rev 2s. I will strive for concision to save everyone a bunch of time. I will only comment on the sound.   Setup: Foobar 2000 (WASAPI Event) > Schiit Modi > Schiit Mjolnir (Balanced) > LCD-2.2s    SPECIFICS ON SOUND   With no EQ   The LCD-2 Rev. 2s are certainly not as dark as the Rev 1s. If I could compare them to an IEM, they seem like the full-sized version of the Earsonics SM3. The reason why I think both the ES SM3s and the LCD-2s are so popular is because of the sound signature. It's very easy to love: the mids are...
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