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Audeze LCD2 Planar Magnetic Headphones Reviews

Frank I




Cons: small sound stage, no space and air

LCD2 REVIEW Once in a great while in my 32 years in the hobby I have seen products come to market that can make a significant change in the way the game is played. Rarely if ever does one come to the market that completely changes the game and rewrites the rules such is the case with the LCD2. Audeze is a start up company that has two passionate owners who have somehow managed to bring to market a product which has challenged the majors in a big time way. The LCD2 is a planar headphone that not only competes with the flagship products offered by Sennheiser and Beyer but in many ways easily outpoints them in many of the categories important to many people who really enjoy music. Alex...
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Audeze LCD-2 orthodynamic headphones


Pros: Natural 3D rendering of the performance and the performers. deep detailed bass.

Cons: Not extremely comfortable to wear, at least initially

Immediately, when I put the Audeze LCD-2 on my head, I wasn't floored by the sound. Rather, as my head felt squeezed by a tight clamping force, I was wondering where all the excessive air had gone, that I was used to from the LCD-1. I also missed the pleasantly colored mids of my Yamaha orthodynamic headphone (that I had just sold). But, the LCD-2 have been growing on me for the last week, and the clamp has been softened up, while the pads have gotten more comfy. (To be honest, the initial clamping force is no worse than the terrible clamp of a new Sennheiser HD580) So, during my time off during the week, I have been enjoying some of my favorite music, on two setups, that are probably...
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The finest headphones I've heard


Pros: Incredibly detailed yet smooth sound

Cons: hilariously massive, reveals mixing flaws in some of my favorite music

I visited 32 ohm audio in portland specifically to audition all of my candidate cans: the 800s, 650s, the LCD-2s and the T1s. I didn't get to listen to T1s, I did get to listen to T5s.   I'm using one of the early 32ohm cables for the LCD-2s. In order of preference:   LCD-2s: bought them. Incredible. Unbelievable detail but balanced across the range. Nothing is over (or under) represented. Normally sibilant voices (ssssssssss) sound great in these cans. The 800s accentuate sibilant voices unpleasantly. Not so with these. Worst thing I can say about them is they're a bit heavy and the foam (FOAM?) on the headband is stupid. It will wear away.   650s: damn good...
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Great Sound, but dissapointing headband


Pros: Great bass

Cons: Uncomfortable headband

I'm no audiophile, but I was looking for top sound reproduction for listening to high quality music and watching movies. I purchased the Audeze LCD-2 over the Sennheiser HD 800 because I wanted a warmer sound with more bass (I own a set of Sennheiser HD 555's so I know somewhat what the review's state are the pro's of the HD 800 in regards to soundstage , but can be lacking in bass). The Audeze definitely have the bass I was missing from the Sennheiser 555's, but sound quality is on an entirely different level too (better). The real problem I wanted to mention with the Audeze LCD-2 is the headband. I read many many reviews before making my purchase and I took note of the...
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Audez'e LCD-2 - world class headphones


Pros: Wonderfully realistic sound and timbre, non-fatiguing.

Cons: Possibly the price, some may not enjoy the dark sound signature

Intro   I recently received a brand new loaner pair of the Audez'e LCD-2, the version with the 'new' pads but not the updated drivers). Straight out of the box, music sounded great with the LCD-2, and out of curiosity I compared them with the Sennheiser HD 650. Whilst the LCD-2 seemed technically superior, my gut feeling was that they weren’t worth the $950 more to upgrade from the HD 650...   But fast forward a few hours to nearer the end of my day, and I’m listening to music files (320 kbps and Apple Lossless audio files) sent to the LCD-2 via iTunes to the Lavry DA 10 DAC/Amp and having a wonderful time.    Overall, to me the LCD-2 are...
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Absolutely my favourite


Pros: Warm sound, But with super crystal sound, Fantastic bass, Cool design, smooth mid and treble.

Cons: lower treble can be a bit more pronounced. Upper treble can be a bit dry at times.

I am gonna make it short. This is it! This is the headphone for me from trying out lots of different ones.   LCD 2 sounds really warm with my WA 6 SE. But that doesn't mean the sound is muffled. The mid and treble is super clear without going too bright!.And it sounds so real. Especially the instruments. I am a basshead and I have to say this headphone has the best bass I ever heard. I compared it with D5000/7000 and Ed 8 which are all fantastic in the bass department. Ed 8 and D7000 have very very good bass that are well controlled, D5000's one is a lil bit boomy, uncontrolled. The LCD 2 has the deepest bass. It goes way down. The bass depth is just incredible. And it has...
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There are loads of reviews for these great cans, so I'll keep this short. Fantastic.   What you've read about them is true, they're that good :¬)    

Are the LCD-2's really that good? Yes they are (Errata).


Pros: Cool design

Cons: Muffled, closed sound with all type of low- and high- quality headamps

Errata 28.April 2012: I have to correct my initial and mainly negative review of my LCD-2. Due to purchase of an Auralic Taurus headamp for balanced drive, I discovered that the cabling (Moon Audio Silver Dragon) must have been wired wrongly. Redoing the whole termination to a balanced (4-pin) XLR contact did the trick and I have to sheepishly follow the herd of Audeze'ers :-P Running the new cabling via another adapter to a regular (non-balanced) 1/4" jack now also sound splendid. But I can truly recommend the Auralic headamp in balanced mode. Way too muffled and closed-in sound for my preference. Yes, they may be a bit more than little warm which can be acceptable but I find them...
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My favorite headphones


Pros: Planar Magnetics for your ears! Wonderful natural sound!

Cons: Adjusment Block

I just thought that I would add to the review list.  I really like these headphones a lot.  They are my favorite of the headphones I own or have heard so far.  Particularly I love the natural sound that they give, this is the best that I have heard from a headphone yet.  When paired with a slightly lush, and dynamic amp this provides me optimal listening pleasure.  Others have written up more thorough reviews so I'll keep mine short and sweet, I love these headphones and I would recommend them to anyone who doesn't want to own a bright phone.
NA Blur

Clash of the Titans: LCD-2 Leviathan


Pros: Sound Quality, Impedance, Bass Impact, Fit

Cons: Weight, Size, Rolled Off Highs

  May Your Next Set be the LCD-2   If you slap two enormous earcups onto a thin headband you start to approach just how large the LCD-2's are. After all not every phone out there gives you greater than "6 square inches of active driver space". The picture really does not tell the whole story.   I was a little hesitant to try them when Tyll Hertsens handed them to me. I really was a bit shy of such a ridiculously sized phone. So I started with some HE 6's ended up being a beast to drive. At a mere 83.5 dB sensitivity it is no wonder why you have to turn your amp up to 70% volume to start to get the full sound of the HE 6. I quickly moved onto some...
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