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Audeze LCD2 Planar Magnetic Headphones Reviews

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Audeze's best value


Pros: Full-bodied mid-range, relatively close to neutral- & natural-sounding, music genre versatility

Cons: Suffocatingly-small soundstage, lack of clarity & musical dynamics, physically heavy & uncomfortable

Originally published on April 11, 2011 Updated on December 11, 2011   Note: this review is an exact cross-post from post #1 of this thread on Head-Fi, which contains some user discussion on the review that may be relevant to read: http://www.head-fi.org/t/548875/review-audeze-lcd-2-r1-r2-hifiman-he-6-stax-sr-507-stax-oii-mki-bhse-et-al - download a printable 9-page PDF version of this review (links go to locations on my Dropbox) - download a printable 15-page PDF version of the notes that were written for this review. The notes should be considered a supplement and not a replacement for this review (as the review is not straight from the notes). The notes for this review in...
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REVIEW: Audez’e LCD-2 Planar Magnetic Headphones


Pros: Astonishingly good sound - among the very, very best

Cons: Comfort is only fair

Intro   Wow – another contender in the high-end headphone market!  Amazing.  I was pretty excited about the emergence of some planar magnetic headphones when I first heard about these and the HifiMan HE-5.  I was a Magneplanar speaker guy for many years – until my kids were born.  Loved them.  Sadly, they were too big a target for the kids, and so they got sold.  But I was very excited about being able to get some planar sound in headphones!  So excited that I rushed to pay just shy of $1,000 for the privilege…   They are very beautifully made, and ship in a beautiful wood box:       Sources used for this review:    VPI Scoutmaster with Benz LP-S > Eddie Current Transcription phono...
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Audez'e LCD-2 - world class headphones


Pros: Wonderfully realistic sound and timbre, non-fatiguing.

Cons: Possibly the price, some may not enjoy the dark sound signature

Intro   I recently received a brand new loaner pair of the Audez'e LCD-2, the version with the 'new' pads but not the updated drivers). Straight out of the box, music sounded great with the LCD-2, and out of curiosity I compared them with the Sennheiser HD 650. Whilst the LCD-2 seemed technically superior, my gut feeling was that they weren’t worth the $950 more to upgrade from the HD 650...   But fast forward a few hours to nearer the end of my day, and I’m listening to music files (320 kbps and Apple Lossless audio files) sent to the LCD-2 via iTunes to the Lavry DA 10 DAC/Amp and having a wonderful time.    Overall, to me the LCD-2 are...
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Audeze LCD-2.2 Fazor Review


Pros: detail, 3D sound, sense of realism

Cons: tight vise grip on my head, you'll hear all the good and the BAD in recordings but that's not LCD-2's fault

This review would be from a NOOB point of view.  I'm doing this review because its a review I wish I had when I was 'outside looking in' at all these people on the forums talk about the sonic nirvana they achieved from all their hifi audio equipment.  So if i actually purchase these $1000 dollar headphones with some good amps and sources is it all worth the price and do they actually sound that much better from my el cheapo headphones i can get from best buy.   I'm like the average guy listening to stuff with equipment most people use: computer, phone, speakers from your car, headphones that come with your watever, etc.   This review will be for Audeze 2.2F with no...
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Excellent Headphone — Probably Near Endgame


Pros: Amazing overall sound, especially bass and mids

Cons: Cumbersome and heavy; weakest part is highs

The LCD-2s are an excellent headphone. I had the LCD-2s Rev. 1s and the Rev. 2s. In this review, I will be talking about the Rev 2s. I will strive for concision to save everyone a bunch of time. I will only comment on the sound.   Setup: Foobar 2000 (WASAPI Event) > Schiit Modi > Schiit Mjolnir (Balanced) > LCD-2.2s    SPECIFICS ON SOUND   With no EQ   The LCD-2 Rev. 2s are certainly not as dark as the Rev 1s. If I could compare them to an IEM, they seem like the full-sized version of the Earsonics SM3. The reason why I think both the ES SM3s and the LCD-2s are so popular is because of the sound signature. It's very easy to love: the mids are...
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A fine pair of headphones, but does have issues


Pros: Full-bodied sound, extended bass, non-fatiguing sonic signature

Cons: Very slightly recessed mids, physically heavy, slightly sloppy craftsmanship, odd design decisions

It's been about a month since I've received my Audez'e LCD-2 headphones (after being on the waiting list for almost three months). It's currently one of the most praised high-end headphones on the market, and before I jump into the review, I'll just get straight to the bottom line--it is a fine pair of headphones, but it's not without issues. Here's what the LCD-2 looks like: Cosmetics & Ergonomics First of all--the build is excellent. It looks every bit the high quality hand-made product that it is, but it has a quirky problem--one of the earcups came out of the frame upon arrival and my heart sank for a moment, but a quick look revealed that it was designed to be...
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Frank I




Cons: small sound stage, no space and air

LCD2 REVIEW Once in a great while in my 32 years in the hobby I have seen products come to market that can make a significant change in the way the game is played. Rarely if ever does one come to the market that completely changes the game and rewrites the rules such is the case with the LCD2. Audeze is a start up company that has two passionate owners who have somehow managed to bring to market a product which has challenged the majors in a big time way. The LCD2 is a planar headphone that not only competes with the flagship products offered by Sennheiser and Beyer but in many ways easily outpoints them in many of the categories important to many people who really enjoy music. Alex and...
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The finest headphones I've heard


Pros: Incredibly detailed yet smooth sound

Cons: hilariously massive, reveals mixing flaws in some of my favorite music

I visited 32 ohm audio in portland specifically to audition all of my candidate cans: the 800s, 650s, the LCD-2s and the T1s. I didn't get to listen to T1s, I did get to listen to T5s.   I'm using one of the early 32ohm cables for the LCD-2s. In order of preference:   LCD-2s: bought them. Incredible. Unbelievable detail but balanced across the range. Nothing is over (or under) represented. Normally sibilant voices (ssssssssss) sound great in these cans. The 800s accentuate sibilant voices unpleasantly. Not so with these. Worst thing I can say about them is they're a bit heavy and the foam (FOAM?) on the headband is stupid. It will wear away.   650s: damn good...
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Great Sound, but dissapointing headband


Pros: Great bass

Cons: Uncomfortable headband

I'm no audiophile, but I was looking for top sound reproduction for listening to high quality music and watching movies. I purchased the Audeze LCD-2 over the Sennheiser HD 800 because I wanted a warmer sound with more bass (I own a set of Sennheiser HD 555's so I know somewhat what the review's state are the pro's of the HD 800 in regards to soundstage , but can be lacking in bass). The Audeze definitely have the bass I was missing from the Sennheiser 555's, but sound quality is on an entirely different level too (better). The real problem I wanted to mention with the Audeze LCD-2 is the headband. I read many many reviews before making my purchase and I took note of the...
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NA Blur

Clash of the Titans: LCD-2 Leviathan


Pros: Sound Quality, Impedance, Bass Impact, Fit

Cons: Weight, Size, Rolled Off Highs

  May Your Next Set be the LCD-2   If you slap two enormous earcups onto a thin headband you start to approach just how large the LCD-2's are. After all not every phone out there gives you greater than "6 square inches of active driver space". The picture really does not tell the whole story.   I was a little hesitant to try them when Tyll Hertsens handed them to me. I really was a bit shy of such a ridiculously sized phone. So I started with some HE 6's ended up being a beast to drive. At a mere 83.5 dB sensitivity it is no wonder why you have to turn your amp up to 70% volume to start to get the full sound of the HE 6. I quickly moved onto some...
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