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A Review On: Audeze LCD2 Planar Magnetic Headphones

Audeze LCD2 Planar Magnetic Headphones

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Pros: Great sound signature, lovely wooden build

Cons: Heavy, expensive



I own a bamboo LCD-2.2. I bought them second hand for approximately 800 Australian dollars. 


These are the best headphones I have ever heard. The sound signature is so appealing to me they might have my perfect sound signature. Big, powerful, natural and textured bass when the recording calls for it. Smooth mids. And a slightly rolled off high, which is exactly what I want. I'm young and I really don't appreciate 'bright' highs, they fatigue me and give me a headache. High level of clarity.


Cominig from the Hifiman HE-40 they are better. However, they are of course a clear step up in price too. The build seems good, hopefully they end up being durable. I get a sense of handcrafted with them, probably due to the leather and wood. However, I do not notice the poor in craftsmanship that sometimes accompanies hand built.


Comfort is only fair. They ARE heavy. A bit heavier than the Hifimans. The clamp is at the level I like. Sometimes I get a bit of pain on top of my head, maybe this could be improved with a revision of the headband. I'm willing to put up with fair comfort for amazing sound though.

EDIT: They were too uncomfortable and gave me too many headaches. Sold them.


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