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Best headphones I have ever personally heard

A Review On: Audeze LCD2 Planar Magnetic Headphones

Audeze LCD2 Planar Magnetic Headphones

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Pros: Truly physical bass without distortion

Cons: Comfort, comfort, comfort

Bass - fantastic, clean, physical - I listen to a wide variety of music and the LCD-2 shined across the spectrum, but particularly stood out in bass heavy EDM.


Mids - natural and to my ears quite engaging.


Treble - slightly rolled off at the high end, but still engaging - for me this is a positive - harsh treble actively pains my ears.


For me a very high degree of goodness here ... except .. COMFORT


I have a small male head with largish 70mm ears. For me, I couldn't wear the LCD-2s for more than an hour without constantly adjusting them - even after bending the headband to reduce clamping force.


For me the issue seemed to be that they were large enough and heavy enough that they placed pressure on my head quite a distance from my ear, and this just did not work with my head topology.


These were my 1st truly high end audio headphones, and I thought that even at $995 they delivered value for money.


However .. that doesn't do me any good if I can't wear them.


That said, they were good enough I'm considering the LCD-3s, which have a similar signature but are generally regarded as more comfortable due to softer pads.


It could be an idea to try out the LCD-3 or vegan pads first. I also modded the rev 1 headband with a thicker HD555 velour headband pad.
One of the biggest things for comfort was when I changed the stock speaker like cable to a thin and flexible copper cable someone on the DIY forum section made me. Felt like it dropped 100 grams in weight and now you can move your head better..
Still a very heavy headphone, but more comfortable.
As someone who owns both LCD-2 and 3 it's a very nice upgrade soundwise if you match them with the right amp.
Still the best headphone I've heard to date.
Thanks for the ideas - I think my best bet is to try the LCD-3 since the consensus seems to be that it is noticeably more comfortable. I was using an upgrade cable (Silver Arrow) - more for ease of movement than sound. Didn't think to try the vegan pads. Fit is such a personal thing - for example I found the HE-400 very very comfortable even given its weight - for me its more about clamp than weight.
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