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Are the LCD-2's really that good? Yes they are (Errata).

A Review On: Audeze LCD2 Planar Magnetic Headphones

Audeze LCD2 Planar Magnetic Headphones

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Pros: Cool design

Cons: Muffled, closed sound with all type of low- and high- quality headamps

Errata 28.April 2012:
I have to correct my initial and mainly negative review of my LCD-2. Due to purchase of an Auralic Taurus headamp for balanced drive, I discovered that the cabling (Moon Audio Silver Dragon) must have been wired wrongly. Redoing the whole termination to a balanced (4-pin) XLR contact did the trick and I have to sheepishly follow the herd of Audeze'ers :-P

Running the new cabling via another adapter to a regular (non-balanced) 1/4" jack now also sound splendid.
But I can truly recommend the Auralic headamp in balanced mode.

Way too muffled and closed-in sound for my preference.

Yes, they may be a bit more than little warm which can be acceptable but I find them to have a lack of treble extension and transparency which robs the music for realism. I feel too much that I'm listenening to headphones.

My signal sources is a Weiss DAC which does not sound tubey or muted via mye amp and speakers. My other favourite source is a TW Acustic Raven turntable with the slightly romantic Benz LP catridge feeding a Cary PH 302 RiAA but again this source sounds transparent enough through the amp and speakers.

I use various head amps; Burson HA160, Trafomatic Head One, Weiss DAC202 headphone out, Musical. Fidelity X-Can V3 without any success or synergy. Cabling is Dragon Silver. At least the transistor amps should not be suspected for obscuring details. Neither of these amps obscure details with my Sennheiser HD800.

I love my Sennheiser HD800 (with Cardas cabling) so much more that using the LCD-2 is just an exercise to see if these phones will improve over time. Even my chepo Grado RS60i sounds more engaging than the Audeze's.

Bought the Audeze's due to all the positive reviews but my taste must differ significantly from the norm.
If you have the option, I suggest you listen to them prior to buying.


I have recently purchased a lcd2 phone.The one i bought is the rev 2.I definitely do not agree with you about the high end extension.I am using a burson ha160 amp with a pngea ac-14 power cord on the amp.The sound is very refined and dynamic as hell.I have only briefly heard a hd 800 in passing so i cannot comment on the sennheiser.I do have a akg 701 and i must say it sounds ok with the burson but nowhere neer as refined as the audeze phones.The low level detail with the audeze is very apparent in my system.Things like musicians humming while they are playing and foot tapping as well as pianists hitting the foot pedals while they are playing are also very pronounced.So i definitely disagree with your assessment of the audeze phones at least with the rev 2 model.
Why didn't you change rating from 2 stars to more if you changed your mind about this headphones?
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