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The best closed headphone I have tried

A Review On: Audez'e LCD-XC

Audez'e LCD-XC

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Pros: Sound quality, Build quality

Cons: Quite heavy

I have recently switched from using speakers to a headphone only set up thus I was looking to upgrade from my old Denon D2000. I needed a closed headphone so as to minimise sound leakage both in and out, I want to listen to my music without impacting on others. I set up a listening session with Hi Fi Lounge who have an extensive set of headphones on demo. Having spent some time reading various reviews I had the Audeze LCD-XC and Fostex TH-900 on my short list. Paul at Hi Fi Lounge also suggested Ultrasone as well.


I took my Benchmark DAC1 HDR and Mac Book Air along with me as this is what I will be using the headphones with and I wanted to make sure it could drive them OK. After an hour or so of listening I found I kept going back to the LCD-XC over the other headphones including the OPPO PM-1, thrown in to mix things up a bit.


So what made me purchase the LCD-XC over the others I tested? I found them the most life like with the richness of the sound they produce. For example with the Torri Amos track "Yes Anastasia" you can head not only the note but the harmonics of the note, you can tell it's a real piano, a Bosendorfer Grand. With the other headphones it sounded more like a little upright, smaller and thinner sounding. However there is a price to pay for this richness of tone, the LCD-XC can get a little left behind on fast drumming in rock music the Blue Man Group track "I Feel Love" gets a little muddled. For me this trade off is well worth it.


Having owned the LCD-XC for a few weeks now and enjoyed many hours of listening I can confirm they are very comfortable when reclined in your favourite chair. They are on the heavy side and not so suited to listening on the move or working at your desk. So just pour yourself a glass of red, pick your favourite album, sit back, relax and enjoy the music.

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Great review! Thank you.
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