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No Longer Do You Have to Sacrifice for a Closed Headphone

A Review On: Audez'e LCD-XC

Audez'e LCD-XC

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great stuff as usual, now will i sell my T1 or not? 
nicely done....interesting indeed......
nice read Peter Well done!!!!
Good review, Peter! 
Fantastic read Peter! Seriously, I've come to expect nothing less!!
Love it Peter.  Great choice of music..
Any comments on amping?  Tubes vs Solid State vs Unamped?
For orthos, I've always preferred solid state to tube amps. They do sound better with a desktop amp...they really sing with my GS-X Mk2, but I reckon they'd sound great with the V200 or Soloist too. FWIW, they sound great out of my portable amp too!
Thanks for the review, Peter.
If you'd have to pick just one, would pick the XC or the X?
NIce review Mac!  They are cool looking!
Nicely done, Sir.
And as you can see from the avatar, I agree.
Thanks guys!
I prefer the LCD-X. Open headphones are the way to go usually. But if you need isolation, I can't think of a better closed headphone than the LCD-XC.
What are they like compared to the T5P?
Great reviews of both the LCD-X and LCD-XC.  Thank you.
Comparing your bar charts, you rate the XC superior to the X in terms of comfort and value.  I didn't read that difference in the reviews.  Did you perceive a difference between the products in these attributes?
I've got a pair of T5P hoping that they could be a closed version of my HD800's but.. not even close.. How about the LCD-XC?
I'm excited to hear the LCD XC soon :)
Well, the LCD-XC are certainly a worthwhile closed version of the LCD-X. I prefer the LCD-X, but when one needs a closed pair of cans, the XCs are the best I've heard yet.
Great review. How much does the XC cost?
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