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Audez'e LCD-XC Reviews

Magick Man

These are NOT the greatest closed headphones ever made (but they're really damned close).


Pros: Rich, balanced sound. Tight, accurate bass. Very detailed. Top shelf materials and construction. Excellent isolation.

Cons: Heavy. Not overly comfortable for long sessions. Some slight mid-range coloration.

. These are NOT the greatest closed cans in the world. Yes, you can indeed get better closed headphones, let me explain that process. First, you need to settle in for a while, get used to doing lots of ebay searches, it's probably best if you just make up a pair of alerts; the first is for "Sony MDR-R10 bass light" (not the bass heavy version, they're a little too weighted on the low end to be neutral, though the "bass heavy" examples are more fun), and the second is "STAX 4070 earspeakers". Then you wait. Also, there's a slim chance you might find either of these in our exceptional Head-Fi "For Sale" forum, but good luck with that, when they do show up for a reasonable price they're...
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The best closed headphone I have tried


Pros: Sound quality, Build quality

Cons: Quite heavy

I have recently switched from using speakers to a headphone only set up thus I was looking to upgrade from my old Denon D2000. I needed a closed headphone so as to minimise sound leakage both in and out, I want to listen to my music without impacting on others. I set up a listening session with Hi Fi Lounge who have an extensive set of headphones on demo. Having spent some time reading various reviews I had the Audeze LCD-XC and Fostex TH-900 on my short list. Paul at Hi Fi Lounge also suggested Ultrasone as well.   I took my Benchmark DAC1 HDR and Mac Book Air along with me as this is what I will be using the headphones with and I wanted to make sure it could drive them OK. After...
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Closed back or not, this is my favorite Audeze headphone


Pros: beautiful artisan build quality; amazingly open, extended, spacious; balanced across FR and dynamic; pinpoint imaging; tight tight tight extended bass

Cons: somewhat heavy right at top of skull

Disclaimer -- Like many on this site I am super picky, but even more so when it comes to headphones.  Unlike audiophile speakers, I find there are very few headphones that I like.  Although I have Magico S5 speakers driven by a Constellation Centaur amp (or Air Tight ATM-2 tube amp), there are many speakers I have owned or would be happy owning (e.g., Magnepan).  A few years ago I auditioned every flagship headphone in one day at ALO Audio in Portland.  Only one had the musical and balanced sound that my ears liked (Beyerdynamic T1) - TO MY EARS...HD800 had incredible soundstage and comfort but sounded too bright and etchy, Denon was extended but too tubby, Grado was...
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Breaking Down Barriers - Audeze's LCD-XC


Pros: Great sound, musically engaging, higher efficiency, stunning resolution, sounds open at times, sonically addictive

Cons: Sorry, don't really have anything to complain about. They could be lighter and smaller! Or can they?

The Audeze LCD-XC has, again, redefined what's possible for me in a headphone, in terms of sonic integrity and musical engagement. In this case I'm talking about music playback through closed cans. My favorite way to experience music via headphones is through open-back designs. They've always been more immediately able to transcend my thoughts about a band on my head and drivers hugging my ears when trying to lose myself in the music. Perhaps I never considered the notion of using closed headphones for anything more than DJing or gettin' on the road because that's what they always were to me: Utilitarian. But Mr. Speakers Mad Dogs changed all that for me, then the Alpha Dogs,...
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The Ultimate Headphone.


Pros: Extremely well extend and Tight bass. Full, Rich, Juicy Mid range. Crystal clear and well extended High. Amazingly accurate Imaging and Wide stage

Cons: Weight.

    Overall Packing is better. Now they comes with 2 cables. One is 1/4' plug and the other is large XLR plug.   Audeze also gives you 1/4" to Mini plug converter just like Grado.     This is my first impression of LCD-XC     Extremely well extend and Tight bass.  Bass is even deeper than LCD-2 rev.2 that I have. Well controlled and really have tightness.  I would say this headphone delvers the best quality of bass.   Full, Rich, Juicy Mid-range. One of the main differences between XC and any other LCD series is Mid-range.  I would say it is lightly forward where I felt X, 2, 3 was neutral but yet laid back around...
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Brilliant, full sounding, closed back in direct comparison with HD800


Pros: Sound quality, Beautiful yet premium Build, Isolation

Cons: Weight, Comfort, Price, Needs a good amp to shine although intended for portable use

Hello Beautiful People :)   Lets get started   Disclaimer : All these are based on my personal opinion with my rig and could differ from others. As always I'm open to suggestions and critics, thank you :)   History I have mostly been a passive headfier but recently I jumped into the game when I first got the HD600s and Marantz HD DAC1. I was very much impressed (still do) with the HD 600s and how well they sounded in the overall FR. Just like the other headfiers here my search didn't end and only the curiousity increased in other highend headphones and how do they perform. So my next step was a HD800. Which was a brilliant step up (very slight step down in mids) in...
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Excellent, but depending on your tastes there may be better options available at this price range


Pros: they look awesome, good well balanced sound with no treble or bass roll off

Cons: not the best at this price; Aude'ze charged a 15% restocking fee to return them, and they may be selling returned headphones as new

I have an odd history with these headphones, which I'll explain in detail so no one is misled by my rating. If after reading it, you think the rating is unfair please let me know in a comment.   My first headphones were in the sub $500 range, and I have always wanted to own one "best" headphone so that I could stop wondering if my music could sound better. I went around my city investigating options. In doing so, I listened to the LCD XC at a store where they sounded amazing. Great bass, mids and treble. I was really impressed. However, that store didn't have inventory. After that experience, I wrote an earlier review on head-fi giving these five stars, which people didn’t like...
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Wow... Just WOW!


Pros: Ridiculously plush beautiful sound, incredibly comfortable, superbly built

Cons: Cost but to be honest the design, build, attention to detail and quality, and sound justify it

Received the LCD-XC & X and have first unpacked the XC at work to listen through the WA7 and even with no burn-in there are literally tears from my eyes listening to pretty much anything.  Overwhelmingly beautiful sound and supreme comfort with the most impressive build quality I have ever seen.  Care in packaging and attention to detail is unmatched. No question this dislodges my T5p in terms of sound.  Little heavy but not unbearable and to be honest for this sound I don't even care.  My neck will get stronger.  Imagine it can only even get better after some burn-in, but it doesn't need it for sure.  This is undoubtedly endgame for me.  ...
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