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Audez'e LCD-X Reviews

Positive Reviews


A clear improvement over the LCD-2


Pros: Reference level bass, fantastic midrange, much improved treble, build quality, easy to drive

Cons: Weight

I’ve owned the HD 800 for about 4 years now and I had the LCD-2 for over two years before I sold them. The LCD-2 were great, but as I improved the electronics around my headphones the HD 800 kept getting better while the LCD-2 hit the ceiling for their performance. When I heard that the LCD-X had specifically targeted the treble area for improvement my interest was piqued. The upper frequencies have always been the HD 800 strength compared to planar magnetic headphones, and I was intrigued to hear what Audeze could do there. Well, now that I’ve had the LCD-X for about a month I can say that the HD 800 are likely to see a lot less use than before.   The LCD-X is producing a kind of...
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Negative Reviews




Pros: Amazing Details, Amazing instrument seprartions, and the typical Audeze, Neutral, opened up the wall of LCD-2

Cons: Not worth the 1699$, doesn't worth to upgrade from LCD2 or LCD-3, neither fun nor engaging. Heavy and comfort issues

Hello hifi communities. This is my very first thread on head-fi as well as the first review. So please chill if you dislike my opinions and ignorant. I just received my LCD-X, paired up with Burson Conductor running through foobar on ASIO with flacs, excited and unboxed.........    Pictures:   LCD-2 with LCD-X     Burson Conductor / AKG Q701   The Razor edge hurts my ears inside the earcup    My first impression was................. really disappointed, the LCD-X is opposite of my expectations. I am fairly new to the hi-fi world as well as this forum, but i had my LCD 2.2 for good 4 months, i also heard HD800 and He500 for a...
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More Reviews


One of the best headphones I have ever heard.


Pros: Excellent treble, very balanced sound signature, Excellent transients, Excellent instrument separation & Imaging, very opened sound, neutral

Cons: I found none, but some may consider them a little heavy

Audeze LCD-X Review   Hey guys,   You may know from what I have written before that I have been waiting for LCD-3 for a while now. A few weeks ago, I managed to get my hands on pair of LCD-3 and I was really happy about it. At last, together with my HD800 I have the best of all the music genres.   I got it on Wednesday and Friday and I thought I would have some time at last to get acquainted to my new LCD-3. While driving home I heard my phone whistling that I have new mail. I looked at it and saw “New Audeze Lcd-X“. I smiled and thought a friend was trying to pull a prank on me.   When I got home I saw that it...
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Simply one of the best headphones I've heard. So real, grounded and clean sounding headphones.


Pros: Very transparent and true to life sounding headphones. Great bass, mids and treble. Outstanding all round headphones.

Cons: A bit on the heavy side and comfort could be an issue for some (though I found them just fine in this area).

The Audez’e LCD-X:   Well after a few weeks with these great headphones, I think I’m ready to post my review of them. I was an original owner of the LCD-2 R1 when they were released many moons ago…so suffice it to say that I’ve been a big fan of Audeze and their products ever since.   Gear used for my evaluations:   Desktop Rig: Cambridge Audio CDP via SPDIF or iMac Apple Lossless via USB --> Byrston Audio BDA-2 DAC --> HeadAmp GS-X MK2  [Fully balanced front to back]   Portable Rig: iPad - FiiO E11 (a minimalistic approach to my portable rig)    Music Used: Some of my favourite reference CDs like Jazz at the Pawnshop,...
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Magick Man

All things considered, these are the best orthos you can buy.


Pros: Great imaging and detail, rich mids, clear yet smooth highs, satisfyingly deep bass. They're amazing all-arounders.

Cons: Perhaps need a touch more bass impact at times, and they're heavy.

From the moment I heard them, I liked the LCD-X by Audeze. Usually that spells doom for a headphone though, because later on a detail or two will rear its head and reality will set in, "I can't stand these anymore". So I've been waiting for the other shoe to drop, and waiting... and waiting... and, well, you get the point. However, I'm finally ready to say that I'm smitten, I'm full of smit. (No, not Schiit, though I like several of their products too) Although they aren't perfect, they have no substantial sonic flaws, at least none that can't simply be chalked-up to a specific manufacturer "flavor". As with the LCD-XC, the LCD-X's closed-back sister, I approached them with trepidation...
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Audeze's new metal headphones


Pros: Deep & heavy bass, full-sounding mid-range, high efficiency

Cons: Compacted soundstage; lack of scale, musical dynamics, & clarity; heavy & prone to discomfort during long listening sessions

(click for a larger version)   Intro   I recently got the opportunity to audition the LCD-X in-home for 6 days thanks to HeadAmp's Headphone Demo program (getting in on it at the tail end of the West list, right before they were to go back to HeadAmp) which calls for my usual disclaimer: 6 days was naturally not long enough to truly get to know the headphones, so my opinion should not be considered finalized and is subject to change (so, extra grains of salt and all that). I was able to listen to the LCD-X for about 4-6 hours each night while I had it though, and I felt that I got to know it relatively well despite the short amount of time I had with it.   Some...
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LCD-X, State of the Art


Pros: Liquid midrange, deep powerful bass, extended smooth treble, wide, deep and tall soundstage, blazing fast transients

Cons: heavy, can sound 'thick' with overly warm amplifiers

Audez’e LCD-X www.audeze.com   Packaging:   The LCD-X’s arrived well packed in an outer cardboard shipping box around their rugged transport case.  Inside the case, the LCD-X were well protected in custom cutout foam.  Also in the case were a Single Ended Cable, a Balanced Cable & a 1/4 to 1/8 Adaptor.  I love the rugged case.  It features a nice handle for transporting your headphones.  While no one will mistake these for typical portable headphones, it’s nice to be able to take them from home to office or from meet to meet with the confidence that this case inspires.  That said, I do wish the ‘phones would fit in the case with cable of...
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A luscious headphone!


Pros: Crazy midrange; sub-woofer type bass; easy to drive; very comfortable; fun sounding; appetite suppressant; great build quality...

Cons: It might lack a bit in the treble region;soundstage; some might find it too heavy initially (but will get used to it eventually)haha

  I am not gonna get very technical here simply because I can’t bring in numbers and show you graphs. Even if  I want to show you all that I simply can’t do it; it is beyond me. But guess what? I have got great pair of ears! When  thousands of people sit there and rave about a particular headphone,I wonder how can they praise it so much when there are so many faults with it.Yeah,I am that kind of guy.This is gonna be a very honest review,and this is only my experience with LCDx,so take it with a grain of salt.And also,I am not going to use complicated words here,so that every Tom,Dick and Harry would easily understand my opinion on LCD-X.I am in a hurry so let's finish this...
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Pretty awesome, very impressed


Pros: neutrality, tops and mids

Cons: Misses a few tricks in the LF

The best headphones I have ever owned by far, I would never have ever considered the prospect that one day you may be able to mix a complex piece of music down with headphones! However sadly I cannot trust them 100%, I still have to switch to my main monitoring system, which does show the headphones miss a few tricks in the LF range. Mids and tops are almost perfection. All in all very pleased. Would love to hear the LCD'3s.    NB. A good quality headphone amp is a must for these baby's regardless of the company's claims.

Audeze LCD-X - Defining the Perfect Headphone


Pros: Lush but detailed highs, lows, and mids, scales up and down beautifully, scales to the top in terms of my perfect signature, great connectors!

Cons: Q

Note: Please note that this LCD-X was received as part of the HeadAmp Headphone Demos tour for the LCD-X. I do not own the X, but had it for a 7 day period where I was able to test and write a review, then send it to the next tour participant. These are my opinions and YMMV based on your preferences and your equipment.   Having the LCD-X tour unit for a few days, I decided to do an Audeze family shootout between the 2, 3, and the X – and added the Fostex TH900 for good measure. Using m2man’s experienced ear, we tested the lineup using his expensive home setup including his:   Laptop > USB > Off-Ramp 5 > HDMI > PWDmkII > Schiit Mjolnir (not to mention a...
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