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Something different - V shaped sound

A Review On: Atomic Floyd SuperDarts

Atomic Floyd SuperDarts

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Pros: great bass, excellent highs, very stylish, built like a tank

Cons: price, availability in USA

These earphones are an excellent pair for any music that requires solid bass plus good high end. Electronica, dance, and jazz sound really good with these.

They have dynamic and balanced armature (BA) hybrid dual drivers, giving you the best of both worlds.

This is from Clio's review, and I couldn't say it better:

The overall sound signature is a close to extreme V-shaped balanced sound with big boomy bass and bright sparkly treble, not for the vocal lover. It is the mix of
bright and aggressive IEM (like Brainwavz B2, Fischer Audio DBA-02, or EXS X20) with a lot of bass. Treble is crisp, sparkly and extended, maybe a bit aggressive as well, but milder than X20 while still bright and analytical. Mid is a dip in the whole presentation, lacks warmness or sweetness for good vocal. Bass, though not quite as deep and textured as the best bass monster, is still commendable for overall good quantity and quality. It is slightly on the boomy side, but it remains clean and doesn’t flush out the mid. Soundstage is specious and very much opened. The only downside is that it doesn’t quite have the depth to match its width.

As for cons, they are pricey, especially if you have to order from the UK. When I wrote this they were not available in the US.


If you can afford them, and are looking for something different, then these are highly recommended.

1 Comment:

I would say it did build like a tank, but considering the extra weight from the metal part (maybe the that's my problem) it does drop out from the ear quite easily when the cable rubbing your suit or shirt.
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